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Nadeshiko League Week 5 Second Stage Results October 13th 2014

Week 5, Second Stage
Another typhoon raids the country and the poor players (of Yunogo and Kobe in particular) were forced to run and kick in splash.

Albirex Niigata 0 – 1 Urawa Reds

Urawa: 35’ Chinatsu Kira

Attendance: 775

Shots: Niigata 3 – 7 Urawa

Corners: Niigata 3 – 9 Urawa

Yunogo Belle 1 – 0 INAC Kobe

Yunogo: 52’ Miki Matsuoka

Attendance: 1,123

Shots: Yunogo 6 – 7 Kobe

Corners: Yunogo 3 – 4 Kobe
I don’t like to be sounding derogatory but the INAC’s coach, Koji Maeda, went crazy. Bev was placed on the central midfield and Masuya on the bench for 90 minutes. I can visualize their supporters were crying WHY. I wouldn’t either blame Naho and Bev if they wanted Maeda to go and Laura Harvey to come. TV commentator was already discussing what INAC can do in the Empress Cup.

JEF Chiba 2 – 1 NTV Beleza

Chiba: 19’ & 52’ Yuika Sugasawa

NTV: 49’ Yuka Momiki

Attendance: 1,001

Shots: Chiba 12 – 8 NTV

Corners: Chiba 1 – 4 NTV
#1 Urawa: Pts=17, W=4, D=1, L=0, GF=12, GA=4, GD=8

#2 Yunogo: Pts=13, W=2, D=1, L=2, GF=6, GA=8, GD=–2

#3 NTV: Pts=12, W=2, D=1, L=2, GF=6, GA=6, GD=0

#4 Chiba: Pts=10, W=3, D=0, L=2, GF=13, GA=10, GD=3

#5 Kobe: Pts=6, W=1, D=1, L=3, GF=8, GA=11, GD=–3

#6 Niigata: Pts=5, W=0, D=2, L=3, GF=5, GA=11, GD=–6

Vegalta Sendai 3 – 0 Kibi Univ.

Sendai: 29’ Ryoko Takara, 48’ Haruna Kawashima, 80’ Miki Irie

Attendance: 1,086

Shots: Sendai 16 – 6 Kibi

Corners: Sendai 4 – 3 Kibi

#1 Sendai: Pts=20, W=4, D=0, L=0, GF=15, GA=0, GD=15

#2 Saitama: Pts=15, W=3, D=0, L=1, GF=6, GA=5, GD=1

#3 Iga: Pts=8, W=1, D=0, L=3, GF=3, GA=7, GD=–4

#4 Kibi: Pts=0, W=0, D=0, L=4, GF=0, GA=12, GD=–12
Kibi Univ. will go to the second division. Iga Kunoichi will compete in the relegation play-off.
Match Updates Thanks to Ken Suzuki


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