Australia Matildas’ head coach Hesterine de Reus faces her home nation on Saturday with a International friendly against the Netherlands.


The Australian Matildas play the Netherlands as part of their 10-day European tour. The Netherlands are preparing for the UEFA Euro 2013 Championship tournament which starts next month.


Netherlands are in Group B at the Euros and will face tough opponents Germany, Norway and Iceland.

Netherlands Starting Line-up Australia Starting Line-up

Van Veenendaal,
Van den Berg,
Van den Heiligenberg,
Van de Ven,
Van de Donk,

Van Egmond,
De Vanna,



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Netherlands 3-1 Australia (Martens 12′, 58′, Gorry 27′, Spitse 83′)


Attendance: 1,800


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  1. All I want for the FRWNT is respect, and no favoritism. Even if I love Eugénie or Elodie, I don’t wanna see them play if they are not in condition for it (Elodie were out since the SF against Montpellier but still play almost all the game – unbelievable-), Eugenie (or ELS in short) creates a lot of occasions but fails to conclud, that something she has to work, she just can’t continue that way even thought for her credit she helps a lot in defense. On the other hand there is Marie Laure Delie, transparent in almost everygame but still manage to score against weak teams and occasionaly against weak one. But I don’t like the fact that sometimes I feel like we are playing with 9 or 8 player (Sandrine Soubeyrand even if she made a correct Euro, was invisible in the preparation, worst she was useless, Gaetana Thiney did not perform well at all…) when they are others greats on the bench or even in France.

    I want them to work really hard in front of the goal, and actually do a seance of penalty kick (you know just in case). I also want Wendie to work on her concentration, Elodie and Laure on their center.

    If you ask me we probably have one of the best defense in the world, but still a lack of concentration and confidence in themselves make that we take easy goal. Now we do have the best midfield in the world. So the thing is…even if we don’t have the best attack, they are still talented…and even if they can’t score, everyone in this team is a threat, Corine with her special way of playing, Laura and Wendie with their heads, Louisa, Camille, Amandine, Elise in long or mid range shot…

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Thanks Asa, will update above 🙂

  3. Asa 8 years ago

    Match Attendance: 1800

  4. Asa 8 years ago

    Netherlands 3 – 1 Australia

    Goals From:

    Lieke Martens 12′ 60′ (Netherlands)

    Katrina Gorry 28′ (Australia)

    Sherida Spitse 84′ (Netherlands)

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