The entire squad will stay in England training for a five-days camp from June 20 to 25, beside a close-doors match against England.
There are two friendly matches in the period that Reijner has to deliver the definitly list of 23 players, the first is against Australia on June 29, then will face to North Irland, both matches will played in the Tata Steel Stadium home of sc Telstar.  

The Netherlands’s game has focus in the midfield, hence that find who can generate offensive game and prevent the fatigue of the forwards.
The playmaker would be the one who has the facility to read the game, so she is Daniëlle van de Donk, distributing balls for all the pitch, she knows when and where to pass the ball to get better results.
In the almost perfect season of PSV/FC Eindhoven
[1] she score 14 goals playing for 27. No matter the distance, Sherida Spitse is available to do a long great pass or cross,  even she is often to identify the shooting opportunities out the box. She is the best option through the free-kick.
Renée Slegers and Marlous Pieëte playing like winger, her work isn’t just about to lead the ball to the forwards they also can drag the mark and then break it easily, finish the move quickly to avoid the counter attack is the most important thing they should do.

Offensively Netherlands can compete without trouble against any team.
Manon Melis, the first player that comes to your mind when you talk about the national team, the player best known and at the same time the most unpredictable, as efficient as temperamental, if the ball don’t reach her she will try to find the ball at all cost, when she leave their area there will be no problem because all the centre forward are enought good playing alone if this is necessary. Anouk Dekker and Ellen Jansen both players from FC Twente scored 25 of the 40 goals of the team at this season.

Daphne Koster and Leonne Stentler both are center-back and both players from Ajax give a lot of security in the defense, Koster with more experience. Kelly Zeeman a very talented defense with a great future compared with Koster. Dyanne Bitto right-back hast the record of caps with 118 matches. Siri Worm member of the six of Twente[2]. The goalkeeper: Sari van Veenendal from FC Twente just recived 10 goals this season. Loes Geurts from Vittsjö, 66 caps with Netherlands. Angela Christ from PSV/FC Eindhoven, conceded 11 goals this season.

I’m pretty sure that Roger Reijners has already the list of 23 players who will take part of the UEFA Womens Europe 2013.
This is the entire list of players called at the five-days camp, and the 23 pleyers i guess will play for the national team.

1 Sari van Veneendaal FC Twente
2 LoesGeurts Vittsjö GIK
3 Angela Crhist PSV/FC Twente
4 Dyanne Bito sc Telstar
5 Siri Worm FC Twente
6 Van den Berg Vittsjö GIK
7 Kika van Es PSV/FC Eindhoven
8 Leonne Stantler Ajax
9 Daphne Koster Ajax
10 Maayke Heuver FC Twente
11 Daniëlle van de Donk PSV/FC Eindhoven
12 Renée Slegers Linköping FC
13 Anouk Hoogendijk Ajax
14 Sherida Spitse FC Twente
15 Tessel Middag Ajax
16 Desiree van Lunteren Ajax
17 Kirsten van de Ven Tyresö FF
18 Manon Melis LdB Malmö
19 Sylvia Smit PEC Zwolle
20 Claudia van den Heiligenberg sc Telstar – Ajax
21 Marlous Pieëte FC Twente
22 Ellen Jansen FC Twente
23 Anouk Dekker FC Twente
24 Laura du Ry Ajax
25 Kelly Zeeman sc Telstar
26 Marel van Dongen Alabama Crimson Tide
27 Marje Brummel PSV
28 Lieke Martens Duisburg
29 Mirte Roelvink FSV Gütersloh – PSV
30 Mandy Versteegt Ajax
31 Chantal de Ridder Ajax

And this is one of the probably lineup they can use.
     Melis – Heiligenberg;

 Slegers         –        Pieëte
        de Donk – Spitse


A defensive  4-5-1

Slegers                    Spitse
     de Donk    Middag
            v. Dongen


PSV/FC Eindhoven, third place in the first season in BeNe League 2012 – 2013[1]
Mirte RoelvinkNº2, Siri Worm Nº15, Maayke Heuver Nº8, Anouk Dekker Nº9, Ellen Jansen Nº17, Marlous Pieëte Nº11 [2]

Photo vía RTV Oost / Oranjevrouwen

  1. Women's Soccer United 7 years ago

    Second half underway: Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Wolfsburg

  2. Author
    ZlaDan 7 years ago

    Thank you Gina. I’m plenty confidence about Netherlands, i really think they can beat Germany then win the group.

  3. Women's Soccer United 7 years ago

    Great blog, thank you Zladan 🙂

    The Netherlands are tough opponents, it will be interesting to see how they get on in their final preparations matches and see who makes the final squad.

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