I came across this website when looking for information about continuing my football/soccer career after college in America. i am english & football is my life! I am trying to find options, allowing me to play pro when i graduate.
Any information, advise, contacts or comments would be gratefully appreciated. i am a senior, so am in my last year of playing & feel lost and find it impossible to get any information regarding playing professional. Its so hard unless you know people… which i don’t!

A bit about my career… Played since i was 7 for a local club. Played in the Leeds United youth academy. Then joined Manchester united u16s and represented their womens team for a season before they folded. I played 2 years for Huddersfield College Academy and represented Yorkshire County for 2 seasons.
I moved to America at 18 on a soccer Scholorship and play for a team called William Carey in Mississippi. We have achieved a lot in the NAIA, including elite 8 last year in the national tourniment. I was an All American player last season and the season before that. This year were currently #7 in the national (highest ranking #4) and hope to make it back to nationals an progress even further. This is my last year of eligability & don’t care where i go to continue playing, as long as i can play! I love travelling, so i have no limits!

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you can leave me some information or just leave a comment about anything.

Have a great day & keep loving the game as i do 😀


  1. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Thank you Colin.

    Congratulations on a very successful season! Looking forward to following the team’s continued progress…

  2. Lydia Green 12 years ago

    WOW !! You have such an amazing career so far ,sounds like you have worked really hard to get ther too !! Unfortunatley it is really hard to get to big places and teams in women’s football ,but im sure the opportunity will come and im positive that when the chance comes you will get snapped up by a great team . Just be patient keep your eyes open ,keep asking people and keep looking round ,check as many places as you can . MOST IMPORTANTLY JUST DONT LOOSE THE PASSION !! And something will come up soon and make sure you let us all know when you do get your fantastic opportunity !!

    All the luck in the world ,hope to speak soon
    Lydia 😀

  3. Nic 12 years ago

    An interesting blog! 🙂
    Wish I had the same opportunities as you. Sounds awesome. If only I was able to get involved with football at a younger age, things could of been different. Wish I could offer you some advice. You’re more than welcome to come and join my team though lol. But to be fair,it would be like going from the Premiership to a local Sunday league lol.
    Wish you luck in your search.
    Nic 🙂

  4. pebbsy 12 years ago

    Hi Aimi
    Thanks for a very insightful blog :o)
    I dont have any information for you unfortunatley, but it would be lovely to hear how you progress in the future with your career..all the best to you

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