Have seen a number of tweets and news reports concerning the formation of a new women’s professional league in the United States and Canada to be announced today.

Representatives will be present from the US, Canadian and (interestingly) Mexican federations.

Nothing official so far on which teams will be present (I think). Eight teams seem to be the expectation.

While this is a wonderful thing for Women’s Soccer in the United States, and for the players int eh US team who have been waiting for it…I can’t help worry if this goes ahead…what effect will it have on the European Leagues? Can imagine a good few Americans playing in Europe may feel tempted to move back home…and a few top players in European clubs may move to where the money is.

With their being such ambitious plans in England with regards to growing the game there…could this league be a threat to those ambitions? 

And what of the top French and German players? Could European clubs afford to pay up to keep the big players home? And what would a drain on players do for the reputation of the leagues and the Women’s Champions’ League?

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    How was Koso’s match so far ?

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    I think that this league will be able to survive, since us soccer fed have been tightly involved in the project. Another thing is that the soccer federations of US, Mexico and Canada will pay the salaries of their national team payers who will play in this league. I think the numbers are, 24 players for the US, and 16 and 12 for Mexico and Canada.

  3. Author
    Brian McGuire 9 years ago


    I’m not a US citizen at all. Only ever spent five days in the United States. I am an Irish citizen, who grew up in the UK and moved to Germany 14 years ago. LOL. 

    I think the league could be good for US soccer…only issue with it for me is the constant worry of seeing our best players disappear into a Time Zone I simply cannot watch. To be frank, I am not a fan of the way the United States *do* sports. I know it’s their culture, but already the discussions around Team Names (for instance the Portland team cannot be called “Timbers” because Adidas own that, and the kit will be done by NIke…give me a break) do make it a bit alien to me. I really don’t understand why they do this conference and play off thing…as with MLS I always wonder why did they bother to have such a long and hard slog through a season only to throw the chips up in the air and start again for a three week period? Why not have a league and a cup, seperate from each other?

    One tzhing I do find interesting with this new league is the Federations subsidizing players. i find this a good idea for a game that simply doesn’t generate the cash the men’s game does. This allows teams to save on wage costs, the federations to keep their top players in regular action, and maybe a bit more money to drift down the squad lists to encourage more players that this game may be worth playing. 

    May not be necessary in Germany or France but i sure as hell think the English FA could help out at home by alleviating the financial burdens on their clubs and keep their National Team squad full time. 

  4. A-Hamm 9 years ago

    Great news! I’m a little surprised they kept a team in New Jersey…thought they would have moved it closer to the NYC market. Unless they move Sky Blue closer? They announced the 8 teams are: Boston, New Jersey (sky blue), Western New York (Flash), Washington DC, Chicago, Kansas City, Portland and Seattle.

    I assume the Canadian teams will be expansion teams maybe in 2014? The Canadian and Mexico federations are involved, so I wonder if they will get future teams? I’d expect Toronto and Vancouver first. Not sure about Mexico, maybe their involvement will be having a place for all of their players to play.

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