The penultimate stage of preparation for the London Olympics in 2012 of Brazil-WNT will take place 4-29 June at the Granja Comary. Then, before traveling to London, the women’s delegation has a commitment: Women’s Soccer Tournament, in Switzerland in 2012.

The competition will take place 8-17 July in Savièse, Switzerland. Brazil, New Zealand, Canada and Russia will participate in this tournament, which will still have two more women’s national teams to be defined.

On June 29, coach Jorge Barcellos defines the 18 players who will represent Brazil in the women’s game in London in 2012. The return of the delegation, in Granja Comary, will be on July 2. The trip to Switzerland is planned to July 6.

After the competition in Switzerland, the players and the coaching staff members traveling straight to Cardiff, Wales, where they face their first opponent in the Olympics: the Cameroon-WNT, on 24 July at 18h45 (14h45 GMT). Then, in the same city, Brazil will play against New Zealand on the 28th at 14.30 (10.30).

The last challenge of the first phase of WNT will be against the owners of the house, Great Britain, at Wembley Stadium in London July 31, at 19:45 (15:45 GMT).

For the second phase, which will take place on August 3, qualify the top two from each group and the two best third.


New Information


The friendly tournament will be played for points accrued and Brazil will play against teams from the Republic of Ireland (July 11), Colombia (14) and Canada (17) (so Russia and New Zealand will not play, as had been said before). The trip to Switzerland will be on July 6 and after the tournament the Brazilian delegation travels to Cardiff, in Wales, which hosts the first two matches of the Olympics, against Cameroon, 25th, and New Zealand, 27.

The team is focused on the Granja Comary training for the Olympics. Next Friday, June 29, coach Jorge Barcellos define the 18 players who will represent the Brazilian women’s football in London.

Swiss Cup:

Brazil vs Republic of Ireland, July 11, at 19 hours (12 hours GMT), in Lausanne

Brazil vs Colombia, July 14, at 19 hours (12 hours GMT), in Châtel-Saint Denis

Brazil vs. Canada, July 17, at 19 hours (12 hours GMT), Savièse



  1. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago

    Same group with Thailand, then the Malditas need some effective countermeasure to stop Kanjana “Netto” Sungngoen, now playing for Osaka-Takatsuki. She is currently out due to an injury, and it’s not reported (to my knowledge, at least) how soon she will come back. In full condition, she could be one of the most dangerous now playing in Nadeshiko League.

    Has the team managed to recruit good players from USA?

  2. A-Hamm 10 years ago

    I have a good feeling about the Great Britain team at the Olympics this year. Should get a medal. USA, Japan and GB. Brazil, Canada, Sweden and France could also get one, should be a good tourney. 

  3. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Thank you for the information Izzy 🙂

  4. Ditzn 10 years ago

    thank you so much! I just read about the tournament but not where it is exactly. I hope I can make it there!! Would be awesome..

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