Norway 3 – 1 USA


Goals From:

Carli Lloyd 60’ (USA)


Emilie Boss Hard Haavi 65’ (Norway)


Lene Mykjåland 67’ (Norway)


Cecilie Pedersen 82’ (Norway)

USA took the lead on a cannon shot at the intersection quarter after the break, but then woke Norway seriously.Emilie Boss Hard Haavi equalized five minutes later, when she turned away a defender and lobbied the ball into the goal.

Lene Mykjåland had assists on the first scoring and ensured even for the second, when she dispatched a Lene Larsen Kaurin entries in the net after 67 minutes.Cecilie Pedersen made sure to remove all doubt was then frempå for a return to a Trine Rønning-shots and made 3-1 eight minutes before the end.

This victory sends us not to continue in the World Cup, but it gives us optimism and confidence towards the championship.This shows that we can cope up with the best, says Landsem.

Match Facts: 

Norway – USA 3-1 (0-0)

Location: Steinberg Stadium.Leogang

Goals: 0-1 Carli Lloyd (60.min), 1-1 Emilie Boss Hard Haavi (65.min), 2-1 Lene Mykjåland (67.min), 3-1 Cecilie Pedersen (82.min)

Norway’s team: Ingrid Hjelm Seth (Erika Skarbø 46.min) – Marita Skammelsrud Lund, Runa Vikestad, Maren Mjelde, Guro Knutsen Mienna – Emilie Boss Hard Haavi (Ingrid Ryland 84.min), Trine Rønning, Ingvild Stensland (Gry Tofte Ims 78.min ), Madeleine Giske (Lene Larsen Kaurin 59.min) – Lene Mykjåland, Isabell Herlovsen (Cecilie Pedersen 68.min)


  1. gromit 10 years ago

    I agree, I think Germany is clearly a better team than USA at the moment. And the US traditional physical impact won’t work on Germans as it can work against Japan.

    I’ll add that I think that US defense is too much poor.

  2. Some epic translation by someone (Google?).


    I particularly liked “lobbied the ball into the goal” and “a cannon shot on the intersection quarter”. 😀


    Great result for Norway after the capitulation against Germany, not so great for the USA, but probably best to get their defeats out of the way before the tournament begins. 🙂

  3. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    I agree with you all. In the Norway v Germany match it seemed a loss of concentration in Norway’s defence led to the conceding of 3 goals in 4 minutes (which shouldn’t be happening), to come from behind to beat USA is a great achievement.

    You do not know how seriously these games are taken but I imagine no team plays without wanting/expecting to win, there is also the worry of injury before the tournament maybe players were not giving their full potential as it is so close to World Cup kick off.

  4. vanjory 11 years ago

    I certainly hope this result is not a result of how the team will do in preparation for the WWC. Maybe they were not exactly prepared or were complacent for this friendly. While on the other hand, I agree with Izzy that this shows how good they are in defeating the US in this friendly.

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