Norway FA agrees to pay male and female international footballers equally

The Norwegian Football Association and the national team players at A-men and A women (represented by the NISO) have agreed on a new agreement on fees for the players.

In today’s agreement, which ends at the turn of the year, the players in the national team receive a total of 6.55 million kroner in its market agreement with NFF (also called the player pool). The women’s team has, in turn, a scheme of scholarships with a total frame of approximately. 3.1 million.

The national team has decided to donate 550,000 kroner from its player pool every year to the girls. This means that the boy’s fee from 2018 is at 6 million kroner. NFF and the players / NISO have agreed that girls’ fees must be the same.

NFF has therefore, together with NISO, made a new model for the fees for the national team men. The model is a combination of scholarships and a separate market agreement. This will also have a frame of 6 million kroner.

“In relation to the girls, we are very privileged from the beginning, and it was not difficult to say yes to give us some of the market bonus when this came from the question came from NISO and NFF. We do not play the national team for the money, and therefore do not have any national championship bonuses as long as we do not go to the championship, “said boy national team crew Stefan Johansen.

National team officials appreciate the contribution of the national team guys.

“This is very good news that will make a big difference to the terms of the players in the national team. This comes at a very favorable time in view of the development of Norwegian women’s football. Better frames will make it easier for more players to facilitate more training and increased focus on football in everyday life, says Ingrid Moe Wold.

Also the NISO and NFF Confederation are pleased with the new agreement.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the negotiations for a new agreement for the national teams. The women’s framework has almost doubled, while the men’s deal has been adjusted somewhat to achieve the same market income for the national teams. Since this sketch was presented to the NISO by the Football Association shortly ago, there have been exclusively positive feedback from representatives of both players. This agreement is probably unique also internationally. It is very positive that Norway is a pioneer country in this way, says NISO federation leader Joachim Walltin, who is supported by the football president.

“This will significantly improve the framework conditions for the national team officials and hopefully contribute to increased sporting development. At the same time, it is acknowledged that women’s football in general and the women’s team have especially gained increased market value, and that players from A women are increasingly used in advertising and communication, says NFF’s President Terje Svendsen, adding: “The federal government is very proud that the guys contribute by reducing a little to their market fees and believe that strengthening the framework conditions for national team officials is both necessary and proper prioritization to keep pace with the other nations on the women’s side,” said the football president.

At the same time, NFF and players also agree to harmonize bonus payments to qualify for championships, and for results in championships for A-men and A-women. While for A women’s part has been negotiations before each qualification, the players of A-men have had 25% of UEFA / FIFA payments. Now the same practice will apply to the women’s team.

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