Kolbotn 0 – 3 Roa

Goals From:

E. Hove Thorsnes 45’ 55’ (Roa)

S Nordby 60’ (Roa)



Linderud-Grei 1 – 5 Stabaek

Goals From:

M Wiik 3’ 43’ (Stabaek)

T Ronning 13’ (Stabaek)

C Hansen 38’ (Stabaek)

I Karset 47’ (Linderud-Grei)

K Moore 90’ (Stabaek)



Trondheims-Om 3 – 3 Kattem

Goals From:

J Adsero 7’ 35’ (Kattem)

G Forseth 26’ (Trondheims-Om)

L.Meistad Holanger 61’ (Kattem)

O.Fugelsnes 65’ 76’ (Trondheims-Om)





Medkila 3 – 3 Klepp

Goals From:

I Fordbakk 7’ (Medkila)

M Thorisdotir 14’ (Klepp)

E Jeppesen 26’ (Medkila)

G Ims 47’ (Klepp)

M Linaker 51’ (Medkila)

L Karlsrud 85 ‘(Own Goal)







Amazon Grimstad 0 – 1 LSK-Kvinner

Goals From:

Isabell Herlovsen 78’ (LSK-Kvinner)


  1. gromit 9 years ago


    We may regret to see our favourite players retire of course. But I think there is absolutely no reason to worry because the ultimate hero would have gone. Of course when Sawa retires after maybe 20 years with the Nadeshiko (18 up to now), a big void will have to be filled in Japan’s fans hearts. But someone else will pop up as the new idol, maybe Iwabuchi or Yokô Tanaka or Naomoto. It’s always like that.

    In Men’s football, was Pelé’s retirement the end of the fascination for a Brazilian player appearing as a mediatic leader ? Not at all. After Pelé came Zico, then Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and today Neymar. And the last young generation of fans going for Neymar has even never seen Kaka or Ronaldo in action. So, Pelé….

    If Homare stops playing next year for instance, in five years time there will be a lot of Nadeshiko fans who will know her name only but who will have never seen her. And their new idol will be seen by them as the “greatest Japanese player ever” !;o)

    If a nation is strong, the icone’s succession won’t be a problem. Look at USA. It is usually admitted by Women’s Football specialists – and I totally agree with this consensus – that the greatest US player ever was (and maybe will remain) Mia Hamm. She was much, much a greater player than Solo + Chastain (two very close friends) + Tankbach all together. But for US’ “new” fans, it’s only Solo, Wambach or Morgan (for the youngest). Hamm is only a name. USA survived to Hamm’s, Ackers’s and Chastain’s retirements.
    Sweden survived to Sundaghe’s retirement. Schellin came. Germany survived to Neid’s retirement. Prinz came. And Bajramaj today.

    The Earth is still turning and Women’s Football’s wheel too.

    Women’s Football started in 1895, more than a century ago. Many people tried to kill it and they almost succeeded between the mid-1930’s and the beginning of the 1960’s. But they failed. Now it’s too late for them. Women’s Football is here, there and everywhere on this planet. Time is on its side. I have not a single doubt about it. Only those who make a confusion between their own life’s duration and History and who are eager to see the game producing immediate money, worry and boast to be the next Nostradamus. Let them talk. They’ll disappear long, long, long time before our beloved Women’s Football. You can’t stop a running revolution.

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