Nottingham Forest are into the Premier League Cup final but may be unable to fulfil the fixture, against Barnet on 24 March, due to a financial crisis that could lead to the club’s closure in the next fortnight.

“Unless we can find £5,000 from somewhere by the end of the month we will go out of existence,” said the manager, Lisa Dawkins, after Sunday’s 1-0 semi-final win against Leicester City. “We are in desperate need of funds but, despite trying extremely hard to bring in cash, we are well short of our requirements. I’m not just saying this – the situation truly is that serious.”

Forest’s failed bid to become founder members of the Super League has made it more difficult to attract sponsorships and, though they get financial backing from their Football League parent club, the monies they have managed to secure so far this season are fast running out.

“We’ve been in the Premier League for a couple of seasons,” said Dawkins, “but with the Super League starting in April we can no longer say to potential sponsors that we play in the top flight. The recession has also played its part and, although we get good support from the men’s club, it doesn’t come anywhere near to covering the £50,000 a year we need to keep going.”

Source:Tony Leighton/

Photo: AP/Associated Press

  1. gromit 10 years ago

    “Vive la différence et l’humour” will be the last wise words for the day ! (Sorry, Lars, here, in Astérix country, we still have a night existing with beautiful stars winking at each others but also full of bloody – in all meanings – mosquitoes). It’s time for me to go and dream of Ms Louisa’s ankles (that’s sounds very early 20th century, isn’t it ?).

  2. Jane Haslam 11 years ago

    Jeez, that would be a real blow for the area……….. but just shows how difficult it is to keep a club afloat at this level – some of the people at NFLFC have been in the game for years and incredibly committed

  3. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    This is terrible news! Lets hope they get some financial help soon.

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