NWSL Non-Allocated Players Announce the Formation of a Players Association

NWSL Non-Allocated Players Announce the Formation of a Players Association

The Non-Allocated players of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) are proud to announce the formation of the NWSL Players Association (the “Association”).

The Constitution and Bylaws of the new organization were ratified in May by an overwhelming majority of the Non-Allocated players in the NWSL.

The Mission Statement of the Association is as follows:

“We are proud to announce the official formation of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Players Association. We, the Non-Allocated Players of NWSL, vow to build on the opportunity that has been afforded to us, as well as work to achieve those goals that have not yet been attained. We honor the vision and progress of those who came before us…Pledge to work with the League and Allocated Players to advance continued improvements in women’s soccer…Commit ourselves to doing all in our power for the betterment of our members so that we may best contribute to the common goal: a world-class product on the field, and to be role models and inspire the next generation off the field.”

Membership in the Association is limited to all active, Non-Allocated Players in the NWSL, including all amateur players currently on NWSL rosters. Allocated NWSL players are not included because they are separately represented by associations set up under the auspices of their respective national teams. However, the Association will work with those players to achieve goals common to all players in the NWSL and women’s soccer in general.

The formation of the Association is a first and important step toward forming an official players union for Non-Allocated NWSL players. In addition to serving as the voice of the Non-Allocated Player pool, the Association will strive to build a collaborative working relationship with the NWSL Front Office and will work to improve communication among all players.


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