Cast your vote now for October’s WSU Goal of the Month, October 2014 – Louisa Necib, Yuki Ogimi, Dzsenifer Marozsán, Toni Duggan or Lindsey Horan?

Who scored the best goal of October 2014? Here is your chance to help crown the WSU Goal of the Month.

There were some amazing goals from many women’s football leagues and tournaments around the world this October. We have selected five of the best.

Take a look at the nominees  in the video below and cast your vote for your favourite goal using the poll. Winner will be announced on Monday 10 November.


Voting closed. Winner to be announced shortly.

How the WSU Goal of the Month works:

Five goals are selected by the WSU team.
Winner is determined by a fan vote on Women’s Soccer United.

Did we miss a goal of the month contender?

Assist the WSU team by sharing information of top quality goals you have seen over the next month. If you witness a stunning goal and you are able to provide video footage please email:

  1. Skip Newhall 7 years ago

    I dutifully cast my vote for best-goal-of-the-month, but I was disappointed: The only thing worse than the out-of-focus, jerky video quality was the music! It would be a significant improvement if high-def TV clips could be shown, and even better if there was sports commentary to go along with it.

    • Author
      WSU 7 years ago

      Hi Skip, thank you for your comment. In an ideal world HD video and commentary of these goals would be more easily accessible for us… And you can always turn your volume down 😉
      If you spot a top quality goal in November don’t forget to let us know and if you are able to, provide a video.

      • Gina West 7 years ago

        Made my vote… I had difficulty choosing between two of the nominees, the video plays fine for me on my laptop.

      • Skip Newhall 7 years ago

        Gina — Please be assured that I am a superfan of Nadeshiko AND of WSU. My comments are really suggestions for improvements in disguise. My problem is that I would like very much to see all of Nadeshiko’s matches on streaming video, but in California there doesn’t seem to be any access to them. The Canada friendly matches were advertised as being broadcast by a Canadian outlet called SportsNet, but that programming in not available in my area.

        • Gina West 7 years ago

          Hi Skip, no need to explain, I completely understand. I have the same experience, although there is improvement for coverage of the women’s game it is still frustrating how hard you have to work just to be able to watch it, haha!
          Are you friends with @kensuzuki on WSU? He shares great knowledge/information from Japan and could help you access more about Nadeshiko.

          • Skip Newhall 7 years ago

            Gina: Indeed I am — or was [under the old format of the WSU Web site] — friends with Ken. We exchanged several messages. Right now I am not sure, but I would very much like to be. I replied to Ken’s posting of the Nadeshiko team roster, but I never heard back.

            Perhaps you have the answer:

            Homare Sawa was not on the Nadeshiko team that played the friendly match against Canada last week. She is one of Women’s Soccer’s all-time great players, but I have a worry: She turned 36 in September, which means that she will be almost 37 for next year’s Cup. Does that make her too old for the team now, regardless of any other considerations of how great a player she is?

          • Gina West 7 years ago

            I think we lost the original friend connections when we moved WSU 🙁

            That is a very good question, this article might be of interest (if you scroll to the comment wall at the bottom you can see Ken’s personal opinion).

            Personally, I don’t think age should be a factor, it should just be current performance.

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