Of football, the World Cup and Club Manager 2019

Of football, the World Cup and Club Manager 2019

Pomp, razzmatazz and crazed fanfare; colourful scenes have been painted across all eleven host cities, none more so than Moscow, ahead of the commencement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 32 participating nations from five different confederations have already set camp across the world’s largest nation, ahead of what is quite rightly the biggest football fiesta on the planet.

No single nation ever heads to the World Cup with the hope of getting knocked out, which is why all countries taking part will unequivocally launch audacious bids for the much coveted prize; this being done with unwavering confidence and unflappable assurance, even in the case of teams that don’t stand a realistic chance of making it beyond the group stages.

For some, fate will seem to play an intricate role in their campaign, whereas a considerable majority will endure the heartache of an early exit, and the extra poignancy that comes with rooting for another team in view of enjoying the rest of the tournament.

Nonetheless, when all is said and done there can only be one winner; one team that stands head and shoulders above the rest – the best team in the world.

It must be a thrilling fete winning a major tournament as a player, even more prodigious winning it as a manager – but very few get to live it. Be that as it may, you too can experience the swirl of emotions that comes with managing a team by playing Club Manager.

Of course winning the actual thing in real life is an unrivaled feeling, but registering in-game success is just as fulfilling, if not gladdening.

The game itself is designed with a simple UI, although this does not in any way suggest that the features have been skimped through. As a matter of fact, the UI is quite in-depth so as to deliver the ultimate pick up and play club manager experience.

Of football, the World Cup and Club Manager 2019

The primary motive of the game is to not only reward you for your efforts, but also challenge you to reach the absolute zenith with your preferred team.

To be the best however you have to sign the best, which is why as manager you will be at liberty to manage your own finances and upscale your team by scouting for key transfer targets.

Improving on your team will nonetheless be limited to the progress you make in the game. As such, you should as an ardent lover of the beautiful game play matches across a variety of leagues, while making tactical tweaks and changes to your team with the surety of getting rewarded for every progress you make.

You can also- as a matter of prestige- elevate the status of your club by improving on the capacity of your stadium. Other than the obvious perks that come in the form of financial bonuses for every home game, it’s quite hard to be upstaged when you have a fortress for a stadium.

Likewise, elevation can also be attained through improving on the quality of your pitch to reduce the likelihood of key players sustaining costly injuries, whilst upgrading your training facilities will ensure that your players hone their skills quicker and develop their techniques faster.

In playing Club Manager, you will have the managerial oversight of playing exhibition matches to test your judgement and tactical awareness in the squad selection, while also creating your own unique pool of matches to pit your side against other users in a round-robin format.

The game will be made available across all platforms from PC (desktop or via browser game) to iOs and Android. That way, you will not feel ring fenced when testing your iron will as a manager against other real-life players.

You would, as such, do best to keep close tabs on the release date for the game which is set to be announced soon. Once launched, Club Manager 2019 will unequivocally be the best game of its kind.


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