Pettenbach, Upper Austria

Featuring the ÖFB Ladies Cup Final of 2011/12, the Almtalstadium was packed with 400 spectators! Both teams had a long ride behind them and were eager to start the match as soon as possible. After the last 10 years, it was NÖSV Neulengbach that stood in the final again. FC Wacker Innsbruck had their team well organised and have come a long way to play the most important game of their season.

After ending the Austrian Bundesliga in 3rd place FC Wacker Innsbruck was told to be the “Underdog” of the game (in comparison: NÖSV with 1st place). Both teams have outstanding rosters filled with a few national team players. Most of all the young talent Nicole Billa, with the Austrian U-17 national team was promised to be a goal getter in today’s game. Further important players were for Neulengbach were Gstöttner Maria (with 27 league goals) and Burger Nina (with 28 league goals). They are currently the most successful forwards in the Austrian Frauen Bundesliga.

The game

Due to rain and muddy soil it was very hard for both teams to get into the game. They took some time to manage the circumstances of flying balls and uncontrollable shots. From beginning on this game felt as if FC Wacker Innsbruck would make it very hard for NÖSV Neulengbach to make progress. The referee Tanja Schett, had some penalty kicks more due to the muddy turf. Both teams started out very aggressively and forced their chances. The first mentionable chance was for FC Wacker Innsbruck in the 6th minute. Throughout the first half hour these two Austrian teams showed fighting spirit and courage to stay concentrated. With a yellow card for Darlene the game got a bit hazy. Even though many people thought this game would start off with a few goals in the first half, the first goal came in the 45th +1 minute. Scored by Darlene De Souza Reguera.

After a direct pass she managed to score for her team shortly before the referee blew the whistle for half time. After the short break FC Wacker Innsbruck didn’t seem to be discouraged and kept attacking. They had many chances to score and all of them were denied by incorrect shots or the goalkeeper reacting very fast. Although Neulengbach was receiving their second yellow card in the game, they kept their speed and their play quality. The rain didn’t stop falling and the teams had a few tackles and duels that were not easy to handle. After some penalty kicks for sliding and also aggressive play FC Wacker Innsbruck still didn’t find a way to score.

The series of balls that were shot towards Innsbruck’s goalkeeper didn’t stop and soon after the second yellow card in the 75th minute NÖSV Neulengbach realized their chances and changed the score to a 2-0 lead. Beautiful passing and team work made it possible for Darlene to secure her second goal of the game.

After this score, FC Wacker Innsbruck didn’t seem to be discouraged. Clearly they kept their hopes up and wanted to score as early as possible. Several small penalties and offside calls didn’t make the game easy for them. The ladies from Neulengbach did stay in control and managed to secure a 3-0 lead. Maria Gstöttner scored her first goal of the match in the 78th minute and it seemed as everything was clear: Neulengbach were only a few minutes away from winning their 10th ÖFB Ladies Cup in a row. After a long time no action and the game calming down NÖSV Neulengbach took their last chance and scored. Burger Nina was the player that fixed the final result to 4-0.

-Final result after full time: 4-0


ÖFB Ladies Cup winner for 2011/12: NÖSV Neulengbach

  1. Mia Mon 9 years ago

    Norio Sasaki-san turned into a stud! lol, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Great report and photos thank you Ditzn

  3. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thank you for the photos of the ÖFB Ladies Cup  🙂 – 


  4. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Fantastic report from the ÖFB Ladies Cup, thank you 🙂

    Great to hear 400 spectators turned up to watch the final. Sounds like the game was very physical to start with and FC Wacker Innsbruck put up a good fight.

    Congratulations to Neulengbach, great achievement to win 10th ÖFB Ladies Cup in a row!

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