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So I am not sure how closely everyone follows US sports news but there is a story that has just come out that I just had to share. The American Football (NFL) draft is about to take place and arguably the best defensive player, Michael Sam (pictured right) has come out as gay.

Many media outlets have been saying that the NFL isn’t ready for a gay player in the locker room or on the field. I just want to say that as a professional athlete, I don’t care who you like or what you are as long as you are committed to helping the team win.

A good teammate is someone that respects his or her teammates, works hard, and is committed to helping their team win. None of those criteria have anything to do with someones sexual orientation. I have played with players that are gay and their sexual preference has had no affect on our relationship on the field or in the locker room. With so many other things to consider (i.e. ability???? just to start with) before bringing a new player onto your team I imagine sexual preference to be very low on the priority list.

I was just shown this video as I was writing this blog and it pretty much summed up everything that I was thinking but said way better than I ever could. ANNNNddddd it is all coming from an old, white guy from Texas… sooooo click this:


If this reporter can appreciate the irony in this ‘controversy’ I think we all can. Here is the quote at the end by Audre Lord if you missed it, “It is not our differences that divide us. It’s our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

Happy Valentines Day everyone, I hope that we can love people for who they are today and everyday!


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