Olympique Lyonnais beat Zvezda-2005 1 – 0 UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter-finals second leg (1 – 0 on aggregate)




Lara Dickenmann (Olympique Lyonnais) 60’


Photos: olweb.fr/ zvezda2005.ru


  1. gromit 9 years ago

    I’ll may sound as an old geezer (what I am probably) but I just wonder if, as “video killed the radio star”, video games wont kill the real game some day…

    I never played any Football Video game (and hardly any video game at all, actually) but I know and can imagine how technically perfect they are and will become in the future. Isn’t there a danger for the video games’ players to become someday unable to understand the difference between what can be possible with computing and in real life ? In other words, won’t they expect from the real players – those in flesh and blood, kicking the ball in real stadiums – to perform as well, as perfect as in their games ? Most of the video games players are teeenagers who are not all very aware of the difference between real and unreal. It’s not a question of natural cleverness but more of education and surroundings.
    But, of course, once the Video Games’ existence taken into account, the idea to make Football Video games dedicated to Women’s Football is not only a good but also a fair idea :o)

  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    I brilliant strike from Lara Dickenmann to break the deadlock between the two sides. Lyon now face Arsenal in the Semi Finals

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