Ottawa Fury win regular season title 2014!

With the 3-0 Win against Laval on Saturday, we clinched the regular season title with two games remaining. For the Ottawa Fury this is the 10th division title in 11 years.

It was a hard fought game where we came out of it with more chances than they did and were able to put three away after good efforts from Teresa (Rynier) and Kayla (Adamek). This means that the team will get to host the conference playoff game, and play in front of our own crowd. We always consider this an advantage. Happy Campers today!

Then to the non-soccer related stuff. Just in the case that any of you were wondering how the Canadian health care system is and how it works in real life, I tested it out for you. Ok, so that might not be the real reason I tested it out, but I did, and now I can share.

I took a wonderful bike ride in the city on Friday night and enjoyed the beautiful sights and the nice weather. I love biking around. Then, on my way home (two blocks away from where we stay downtown), the front wheel decided that it did not want to go back with me. Going downhill, it decided to jump off, and stay on its own on the road. What the wheel did not think about (yeah because wheels think) was that if it jumped off that meant that I would have to jump off. Well, the wheel did not tell me in time (because wheels also talk), and I took a plunge over the bike and straight on to the concrete. I got knocked out, and awoke to people coming to help me. I don’t remember too much of what happened after this, but I was unconscious at two other occasions before the nice people of Ottawa called 911.
The Paramedics liked me so much that they decided to take me into the Emergency room. At the ER I was checked out and they ended up treating me for concussion. A little beaten up but, puh, no biggie.

Lisa-Marie Woods

When you can take the time to take a photo that is a sign you are not too bad off.
See my heart is beating!

Lisa-Marie Woods

(What a weird looking photo) My hand took most of the beating protecting my head. Good job hand.

The moral of the story is:
1. People of Ottawa will help you out (I thought taking a plunge in front of strangers would be embarrassing, but they were so nice that they kept me calm and awake. THANK YOU)
2. Paramedics respond quickly are nice people that like to talk soccer
3. The ER staff is nice, and more importantly the ER has Wi-Fi!!
4. If you feel like getting hurt in Ottawa you are in good hands (but please don’t get hurt in Ottawa)

Oh and yeah!!!

5. Always wear a helmet. Helmets save lives. Lisa !!

On that note (or any other note):

When unavailable for further play I am very happy to see Shelina Zadorsky being named Captain going forward.

Shelina Zadorsky

Shelina has been solid for us in the back all season, and is a natural leader in the team. I am very sure that “She” will do a great job as Captain and lead the team to further success.

Don’t worry guys. I will still be around to give you some inside information.

Go Fury and wear a helmet when cycling

  1. Asa 6 years ago

    Congratulations Lisa-Marie on winning the title

  2. WSU 6 years ago

    Thank you Lisa-Marie.

    Congratulations on winning the regular season title!! Great achievement, wishing the team all the best for the playoff.

    I am sorry to hear of your accident and relieved you did not do too much damage! That certainly is one way to test out the health system!! Get lots of rest and have a speedy recovery!

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