French Football Federation President Noël Le Graët has announced that Philippe Bergeroo will replace Bruno Bini as the France WNT coach.


Philippe Bergeroo is a former international goalkeeper and ex-coach of the men’s U-18 National Team.


The President commented that they had a lot of respect for Bruno Bini, he is a very endearing and professional man who has advanced the team every year but it was time for a change.


Thanks to Gromit

Photo (above right): Courtesy of France Football Federation


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  1. vanjory 8 years ago

    Nice to see new players called into camp, gives Tom a wider options, including the previous pool or previous players that he had called to camp in previous rounds.

  2. gromit 8 years ago

    How true, how true, J-P… Actually, all those speeches which have been spreading in loop for months are boiling as in a big marmite on OL-Web, where fans get excited as in a bubble, using insults (do you want some ? just ask), diffamations and lies, then those speeches go to the various forums (usually, the fans use different avatars, it helps to make believe they are legions) where, again, it’s loops after loops, before going to the friendly Newspapers as the JDD, campaigning during months against Bini – pure coïncidence, Patrice Lair writes a weekly chronique in this same paper and it’s there that he declared last week that he would be ready to caoch the NT AND Lyon at the same time. Yes, those stories : the golden generation, the Juvisy plot, Bini as the Devil-Guru with the two sorcerers in chief Soubeyrand and Thiney, Lattaf – for me the greatest French player ever – sacked from the NT because she wanted to do the Ramadan, ah ah !, Henry banished because of Soubeyrand – when everybody knows it was due to a dirty private affair in which Soub was not concerned in ANY way, Bini wanting to get rid of ALL Lyon’s players, ah ah !, I still remember the prophecies announcing that Abily will be sacked before the Euro, Bini giving Thiney a string, Bini spending evenings and even nights at Thiney’s place, do you want more ? there are plenty…  “Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it !” It has been shit after shit for months, rolling trains of hatred and hatred, Bompastor – wonderful player, yes – more pure and innocent than Joan of Arc, burnt while she only wanted to save France, more ? No ? Do you feel sick enough ? Yes, we too… Stop to paranoia, and open the doors to Football, please. That’s what we want now. Football at peace in this country at last.

  3. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 8 years ago

    See, this is sad because I have the feeling that I am reading the JDD (french newspapers) or the PR statements of an OL executive (which will have the right to do so…). That “golden” generation is for sure a pure marketing statement made by Lyon to butter themselves up. And if “this” generation does exist well they are surely not “wasted” because most of them are still running. But I’ll end here the drama for some matches of football ( you hear; simply football !!).

    Maybe it will come clear for some when they will find out that some French players are not the best in the world – that what OL.TV makes you believe and buy – but ones among the best. I am not pretentious enough to tell who is right or to teach someone, time is, and it will always tell.

    So I’ll say I hope you are right Claudia; your beliefs and your commitment to your club are remarkable on their own…nothing bad…

    Thanks @Gromit Personnally, I have no need to go to the french forums, I just check some of their twitter accounts. You have read one of their tweets you have read them all.

  4. All I want for the FRWNT is respect, and no favoritism. Even if I love Eugénie or Elodie, I don’t wanna see them play if they are not in condition for it (Elodie were out since the SF against Montpellier but still play almost all the game – unbelievable-), Eugenie (or ELS in short) creates a lot of occasions but fails to conclud, that something she has to work, she just can’t continue that way even thought for her credit she helps a lot in defense. On the other hand there is Marie Laure Delie, transparent in almost everygame but still manage to score against weak teams and occasionaly against weak one. But I don’t like the fact that sometimes I feel like we are playing with 9 or 8 player (Sandrine Soubeyrand even if she made a correct Euro, was invisible in the preparation, worst she was useless, Gaetana Thiney did not perform well at all…) when they are others greats on the bench or even in France.

    I want them to work really hard in front of the goal, and actually do a seance of penalty kick (you know just in case). I also want Wendie to work on her concentration, Elodie and Laure on their center.

    If you ask me we probably have one of the best defense in the world, but still a lack of concentration and confidence in themselves make that we take easy goal. Now we do have the best midfield in the world. So the thing is…even if we don’t have the best attack, they are still talented…and even if they can’t score, everyone in this team is a threat, Corine with her special way of playing, Laura and Wendie with their heads, Louisa, Camille, Amandine, Elise in long or mid range shot…

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