PK-35 Vantaa grabbed a club history, the first Finnish Cup championship finals by pouring the lynx numbers 2-0 (1-0). Vantaa kinds of paints, Seppälä said Jenae and Emma Kete.



Deserved victory

PK-35 started the match mightily, and it went into a Lynx ensiminuutista onwards towards the finish. The first direct hit else is waiting for the five minutes. The angle of the situation in post- ELD Enter tuikkasi ball pole, where it ricocheted Vantaa residents captain Jenae Seppala . This means the game will hit empty, and moved the PK-35’s executive director.


Lynx-defence struggled to clear PM-35: the gun because of the high, which led to the new scoring situations. Jaana Lyytikäinen   box and drove the ball was runnoa forced in, but goalkeeper Paul Myllyoja lasted. 27. Tampere was a minute to extract the ball on their own and boksista peliväline went directly Lyytikäinen. This shot angrily, but again Myllyoja stretched into the road.

Half an hour considerations Emma Kete escaped through the run. He passed, which came against the goalkeeper but the ball did not get placed in a tight corner empty.

From half a shift PK-35’s 1-0 lead. Vantaa kinds of dominance, it told me a fact that the Lynx has the first 45 minutes of time during a single shot toward Rachael Ayegban guarded the paint.

Lynx suffered a major setback hour after the game, when the team was forced to change the very fight against goalkeeper Paul Myllyoja out through injury. Myllyoja collided with an evil-sighted Cynthia Uwakin with, and could no longer continue between the poles.

The second half was the other position in the war paint and seats were scarce. PK-35 Vantaa had more balls, but the attacks were stopped in the last poor feeding. Lynx picked up as the game progresses and it sought a more aggressively equalization goals. Annika Tossavainen concentration reached Ada Nikkila head close to what sentence the comma, but this was not able to steer the ball between the poles.

The last moment, when Mary the Netherlands got the stealth paint vantaalaispuolustuksen a bad place after unloading. This control, however, drifted over the paint.

Yliajalla PK-35 Vantaa struck the final nail in the coffin. Uwak rose very laidaltaan and shot, but Minna Rock managed to avert. Wildcat-watch, however, was powerless when Kete hit the ball back on an empty goal. This PK-35 deservedly celebrated the club’s history the first Finnish Cup victory.

Team Composition:


PK-35 Vantaa

1. Rachael Ayegba

2 Emma Kete

3 Jenna Korhonen

7 Jannica Tjeder>>> 83 min. Ninni Niiranen

8 Melinda Koivula>>> 45 min. 10 Cynthia Uwak

15 Enter ELD>>> 45 min. 25 Tia Halinen

16 Maiju Hirvonen

17 Jaana Lyytikäinen

18 Seppälä, Jenae

19 Enter Vlasoff

21 Beverly Goebel

Head Coach: Pauliina Miettinen



1. Paula Myllyoja>>> 61 min. 12, Minna Kallio,

4 Anniina North Hill

5 Heidi Kivelä

8 Lord of the Kulju>>> 66 min. Jemina Hietanen

11 Annika Tossavainen>>> 83 min. Sine Ruponen

13 Dutch by Maria

14 Meiju Pelvola

16 Tiina Hakala,

18, Lotta Toivio

19 Veera Huotari,>>> 78 min. Ada Nikkilä

24 Jessi Hietanen

Head Coach: Esa Kuusisto

Player of the Match: Beverly Goebel, PK-35 Vantaa



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  1. Aneesa Mahomed 9 years ago

    @WSU @Ken With regards to Le Sommer, in that one game at the Olympics, she came on and scored right? If she had like 5 more minutes I bet you should would have scored another. You could see it by the way she was playing and the chances she created. She is an exquisite player.

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