Player transfers in and out of Japan 2015

Player transfers in and out of Japan

Keep up to date with the latest player transfer news as Ken Suzuki reports ‘Who goes out, who comes in’

It has already been a busy off-season for transfers to and from the Japanese Nadeshiko League as club’s strengthen their squads ahead of the new season. Keep checking this page for up to date news of player transfers in Japan.

Japan player transfers:

[Urawa Reds Ladies]

–Ami Otaki (to Guingamp)
–Riho Sakamoto (to Nagano Parceiro)
–Akane Saito (to Nagano Parceiro)
–Shiho Tomari (to Nagano Parceiro)
–Hitomi Nariai (to Fukuoka J Anclas)
–Ayano Dozono (to retire)
–Mizuki Nakamura (to Waseda Univ.)
–Akari Shiraki (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Chika Hirao (from JFA Academy Fukushima)
–Kana Osafune (from Vegalta Sendai)

[NTV Beleza]

–Yayoi Kobayashi (to retire)
–Miharu Kobayashi (to Nojima Stella)
–Coach Mayumi Teratani (to NTV Menina: Menina is Beleza’s youth team)
–Saori Takahashi (to Elfen Saitama)
–Mami Yamaguchi
–Coach Eiji Mori (from Tokyo Verdy Youth: Beleza is Tokyo Verdy Ladies)
–Yumi Uetsuji (from Vegalta Sendai)
–Eriko Arakawa (from Elfen Saitama)

[Albirex Niigata Ladies]

–Miku Kojima (from JFA Academy Fukushima)
–Mei Yasaka (from Hinomoto Gakuen HS)
–Saya Kawasaki (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Ayaka Watanabe (from INAC Kobe)
–Saori Shimokawa (to Elfen Saitama)

[Okayama-Yunogo Belle]

–Makiko Kobayashi (from Iga Kunoichi)
–Chiho Takahashi (from Kibi Univ.)
–Chihiro Nakajima (from Harima Albion)
–Maririn Aoyagi (from Nittai Univ.)
–Isayo Mita (from Waseda Univ.)
–Erina Kobayashi (from Shobi Gakuen Univ.)
–Ayame Morisako (from Okayama Sakuyo HS)
–Kotori Sakuma (from Murata HS)
–Sana Kishino (from Murata HS)
–Mai Okubo (from Fujieda Junshin HS)
–Shoko Hashimoto (from Fukui HS)
–Maiko Nakada (to retire)
–Manami Nakano (to Vegalta Sendai)
–Saori Arimachi (to Vegalta Sendai)
–Kaho Fushiki (to Harima Albion)

[JEF United Chiba]

–Aki Iguchi
–Naomi Yamamoto (to Sfida Setagaya)
–Naomi Hanagiri (to Sfida Setagaya)
–Midori Isokane (from INAC Kobe)
–Yui Kitsuki (from Hinomoto Gakuen HS)
–Ayaka Nishikawa (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Asuka Mitsuhashi (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Rina Yanai (reactivated)

[INAC Kobe Leonessa]

–Coach Yoshinori Kumada
–Ayaka Watanabe (to Albirex Niigata)
–Beverly Goebel (to Seattle Reign)
–Maho Yamada (to Harima Albion)
–Haruka Imai (to Harima Albion)
–Yoko Tanaka (to Nojima Stella)
–Midori Isokane (to JEF United Chiba)
–Rei Takenaka (to Vegalta Sendai)
–Coach Takeo Matsuda (from Elfen Saitama)
–Miyabi Moriya (from JFA Academy Fukushima)
–Misaki Takemura (from Hinomoto Gakuen HS)
–Yukari Kinga (from Arsenal ladies)
–Shinobu Ohno (from Arsenal Ladies)
–Natsumi Saito (from Elfen Saitama)
–Kanako Ito (from Elfen Saitama)
–Aya Sameshima (from Vegalta Sendai)
–Selgi Jang (from Gangwon Provincial College)
–Hina Sugita (from Fujieda Junshin HS)

[Vegalta Sendai Ladies]

–Haruna Kawashima (to Nojima Stella)
–Yuki Saita (to retire)
–Kie Koyama (to retire)
–Kana Osafune (to Urawa Reds)
–Aya Sameshima (to INAC Kobe)
–Yumi Uetsuji (to NTV Beleza)
–Kozue Chiba (from Waseda Univ.)
–Miho Manya (from Hinomoto Gakuen HS)
–Asuka Nishikawa (from Kibi Univ.)
–Rei Takenaka (from INAC Kobe)
–Manami Nakano (from Yunogo Belle)
–Saori Arimachi (from Yunogo Belle)
–Campos Giovania Domingas (from Sao Jose FC)

[AS Elfen Saitama]

–Nozomi Yamago (to retire)
–Nayo Kawai
–Shizuka Arima (to Kamogawa)
–Coach Takeo Matsuda (to INAC Kobe)
–Yuko Takeyama (to retire)
–Ayumi Hara
–Saki Uchida
–Sayuri Yamazaki
–Yuko Takahashi
–Yuri Saito
–Natsumi Saito (to INAC Kobe)
–Kanako Ito (to INAC Kobe)
–Arisa Takeda (to Speranza Takatsuki)
–Kaoruko Suzuki (to Iga Kunoichi)
–Eriko Arakawa (to NTV Beleza)
-–Coach Hiroshi Yoshida
–Saori Shimokawa (from Albirex Niigata)
–Saori Takahashi (from NTV Beleza)
–Ayana Sakuragi (from Sfida Setagaya)
–Kozue Toriyabe (from Iga Kunoichi)
–Saki Takano (from Kibi Univ.)
–Rie Kitano (from Nittai Univ.)
–Sayuri Matsuoka (from Daitai Univ.)
–Haruna Sugihara (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Akari Matsukubo (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)

[Iga Kunoichi]

–Miyuka Hatanaka (from Speranza Osaka-Takatsuki)
–Coach Jongdal Kim
–Kaede Isashi (from Kibi Univ.)
–Kaoruko Suzuki (from Elfen Saitama)
–Aya Shimojo (from Sfida Setagaya)
–Molly Menchel (from ROA Dynamite Girls)
–Gloria Douglas (from ROA Dynamite Girls)
–Ayako Yamaguchi (to retire)
-–Ai Sato (to retire)
–Saki Tsutsumi
–Makiko Kobayashi
–Fumika Sakumoto (to Speranza Takatsuki)
-–Miharu Takahashi
-–Ruriko Takashima (to Nagano Parceiro)
–Kozue Toriyabe (to Elfen Saitama)
–Kaori Togashi (to retire)
–Rina Okamoto

[Speranza Osaka-Takatsuki]

–Mio Sakanaka (from Atletico Femina)
–Fumika Sakumoto (from Iga Kunoichi)
–Saki Takahashi (from Lecre MYFC)
–Maho Yamamoto (from Yokosuka Seagulls JOY)
–Arisa Takeda (from Elfen Saitama)
–Suzumi Yoneyama (from Lecre MYFC)
–Wakana Kitagawa (from Harima Albion)
–Momo Hayashi (from Musashino)
–Suzuka Fujino (from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS)
–Natsuki Ichino (from Sakuyo HS)
–Mari Enya (from Angeviolet Hiroshima)
–Miyuka Hatanaka (to Iga Kunoichi)
–Sayuri Toyama
–Asako Kurogi
–Asumi Ikeda (to Kyoto Bunnys)
–Misaki Gocho (to Kyoto Bunnys)


[Reported by media]

The transfers listed above are all made public by clubs. There are also some transfers reported by news medias but unannounced by clubs. They may or may not happen. (My experience tells they usually do.) Each transfer listed here will be moved to the section above once it is publicized by a club.

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  1. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Yunogo Belle adds 11 new players (and survives another massive players exodus.) Perhaps, even these recruits could not compensate the loss of Arimachi and Nakano. Still, we can see how they perform with decent hope. After all, Aya Miyama is worthy of ten ordinary players.

  2. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Some papers just reported Aya Sameshima joins INAC. I believe official announcement will ensue shortly.

  3. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    As of today, January 15, all but two transfers reported by medias are officially announced by clubs, leaving the cases of Sameshima and Okubo still unannounced. It is conceivable Sameshima, or her agent, is in negotiation with one or more clubs. But I am worried about Mai Okubo, the Fujieda-Junshin high-school senior, whose signing with Yunogo Belle was mentioned by a TV commentator in the just-finished high-school tournament. Is she having second thoughts now? And if she is who can blame her?

    Now that Rei Takenaka has moved to Sendai, INAC Kobe becomes another team with only one goalkeeper. But they are rich enough to recruit new ones.

  4. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Still premature to say anything, but

    Turbine Potsdam already lets this 18-year-old wear their #10. If she joined them I want to follow her play in Frauenbundesliga. Do they still broadcast matches on net?

    • WSU 7 years ago

      Yes they do and the streams are good quality, if you go to
      The links to the live streams are put there. I will let you know when Turbine Potsdam are going to be streamed online, when they announce it next.

      • Author
        Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

        Thank you. I appreciate.

        Still, following her play is much easier for me if she stayed at home . . . It looks NTV Beleza believes it their mission to export strikers one after another–the Nagasato sisters, Iwabuchi, Kiryu . . .

  5. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    For two consecutive off-seasons the respectable Okayama-Yunogo Belle stands on the verge of falling apart . . .

  6. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    The season of transfers is still ongoing and a lot of things can happen. However, as of now (January 10, 2015), the major concern of the Nadeshiko League lingers. Some teams are distinctly deficient in goalkeepers.

    Miho Fukumoto is still the only GK of Yunogo Belle and we all know how this situation ended up. Fumumoto was injured in the Nestle Cup, and her team used in the all-prestigious Empress’ Cup the 23-years-old Kikumi Taniguchi who, by her own account, played as a goalie for the first time since she was a fifth grader. Yunogo Belle was forced to take the most absurd formation of placing all field-players, DFs, MFs, FWs, in their box to minimize the occasions Taniguchi had to handle ball. Naturally, they lost, suffering 6 goals and 44 shots by Vegalta Sendai. The squad list in their website includes another GK, Maririn Aoyagi, whom the team substituted for Fukumoto after the latter’s injury in the Nestle Cup. But Aoyagi is not an official member. She was an intern, or “special trainee to be enhanced” as termed by JFA, just like Chika Hirao and Miku Kojima were for Urawa Reds and Albirex Niigata respectively. Unlike the case of Hirao and Kojima, however, it is not yet announced (or reported by media) that Aoyagi becomes a full member. This problem could have a major impact not only on Yunogo Belle but on the national team in the year of world cup because Belle most certainly wants to minimize the chance of Fukumoto’s another injury which she might suffer playing against the physical players of the world. (Remember Fukumoto was not in the Norio Sasaki’s squad for the Asian Games, the first international tournament held after she became the Belle’s only GK.)

    Another team of concern is Elfen Saitama which possessed three goalkeepers of which two—Nozomi Yamago and Shizuka Arima—left, leaving Mayu Funada as the only remaining goalie. And so is Vegalta Sendai which started the 2014 season with two—Yuki Saita and Ayaka Saito—then was joined by Brittany Cameron later in the year. Now that Saita is retired and Cameron is going home, the 23-years-old Saito is all alone.

    Goalkeeper is a special position and it takes years to grow a quality player. That is why they can (or have to) play up to the ages at which other positions usually retire or at least become substitutes.

    I list up the GKs of other teams. Here, too, Urawa Reds possesses the richest pool of talents.

    Urawa: Four = Ikeda, Hirao, Tajiri, Matsumoto (the golden glove of U17)
    NTV: Three = Yamashita, Soyama, Mochizuki
    Niigata: Three = Ichitani, Koganemaru, Fukumura
    Chiba: Three = Yamane, Nemoto, Miki
    Kobe: Two = Kaihori, Takenaka
    Iga: Three = Kuno, Sawada, Takahashi
    Takatsuki: Two = Ohno, Gocho

  7. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Please remember that a Japanese school year (as well as a fiscal year) starts in April. Senior students of colleges and high-schools graduate in March and freshmen come in April. This is why we see many news of a student joining a new club this period of a year. For example, Akari Shiraki, the second division MVP in 2013, announced she will join Urawa after graduating from Tokiwagi Gakuen HS. Also, a lot of fans are waiting to hear where Hina Sugita, U17WWC MVP, of Fujieda-Junshin HS will go.

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