Abby Wambach appeals against artificial turf at 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

After reports that the lawsuit would be filed over the coming days, it is now reported that the players have officially filed the lawsuit to challenge the decision to use artificial turf at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015.

Attorney Hampton Dellinger told The Associated Press that the players led by USWNT forward Abby Wambach, filed on Wednesday in the human rights tribunal of Ontario.

The applicants feel that playing the biggest global tournament in the women’s football calender on artificial turf amounts to gender discrimination under Canadian law. The tournament for both male and female has always been played on natural grass pitches.

It is feared that there is greater risk of injuries to the players competing on artificial turf and that the surface can impact how the game is played and how the ball behaves.

There are a number of players joining Abby Wambach to fight the decision including Nadine Angerer, Alex Morgan and Veronica Boquete.

CTV News published quotes that Hampton Dellinger made in a statement:
“The gifted athletes we represent are determined not to have the sport they love be belittled on their watch. Getting an equal playing field at the World Cup is a fight female players should not have to wage but one from which they do not shrink. In the end, we trust that fairness and equality will prevail over sexism and stubbornness”.


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  1. Skip Newhall 7 years ago

    Abby — Your lawsuit is the best soccer news I have heard! Artificial turf [Astroturf?] has a reputation for causing a disproportionate number of knee and ankle injuries, a liability that we really don’t need.

    Look at the 2011 results on Germany’s natural turf. Fantastic. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! Let’s get real turf in all of the Canadian stadiums. Now is NOT the time to experiment with something new and potentially dangerous!

    Skip Newhall

    • Gina West 7 years ago

      I think they are very courageous to stand up for equality, it is such a shame that they have to go to these measures for the simple things :/

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