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Prize money doubled for Womens World Cup in Canada 2015

21-03-2013 16-42-51
The prize money for winning next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada will double from the previous tournament FIFA have announced.

The 2015 winners will now receive $2m (approx £1,280,000) compared to the $1m won by the winners Japan in 2011 tournament.

A total of $15m will be on offer for the 2015 tournament in Canada, which starts on the 6th June 2015, prize money is up $10m from four years ago.

But The 2014 men’s World Cup offered $576m in total prize fund, and $35m went to winners Germany.

  1. Skip Newhall 8 years ago

    Gina —

    And I suppose that FIFA still refuses to arrange for natural turf for the World Cup. What are they thinking?

    • Gina West 8 years ago

      Yes unfortunately.
      I believe that during the FIFA Ballon D’Or award presentation day/night, FIFA spoke to the nominees which included Abby Wambach who was one of the leading profiles desperate to get equality for the Women’s World Cup. During the conversation I think they probably decided to ‘agree to disagree’, the issue has been delayed to the point where it really would be unrealistic to be able to change anything now and so the only compromise we can really take from this is that they know how unacceptable the vast majority of players and fans think it is and so this would be something that should never happen again in the future. It is a real shame that it has happened in 2015 and I am not looking forward to seeing those black sprays of plastic flying around every time someone makes a challenge or save, etc. But, we are going to have to accept this or our enjoyment of the tournament will be over shadowed.

  2. Skip Newhall 8 years ago

    Good heavens! $576m for the men and only $15m for the gals??? That is a ratio of more than 38 to 1! After the way the Women put soccer on the map in the 2011 Cup, that is a dreadful injustice. And the gals will be playing on artificial turf, no less!

    Shame on you, FIFA! You are treating them like second-class citizens!

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