Reports that PSG have been deducted points, Lyon back on top of table

After a fantastic end to 2016, in which PSG beat Lyon to go top of the table, the FFF have reportedly sanctioned the club and deducted points in favour of Albi.

We believe the match in question was the first game of the season against Albi, who PSG earned a 4-0 win.

The second half appearance of Sarah Palacin is reportedly where the issue stems from, as the player was not on PSG’s game sheet, which the official brought to the attention of the governing body.

As well as the 3 points deducted for fielding an unregistered player (given to Albi), the FFF sanctioned a further 1 point. Putting Olympique Lyonnais back to the top of the table.

The PSG now has the opportunity to appeal to the FFF authorities.


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