One of the best parts of being a professional athlete is getting to travel the world, while doing what you love! Pursuing a dream and experiencing different cultures.

These experiences make you realize everyone truly is different and unique and these differences make the world go round. The exposure to these different cultures helps form who you are and what your expectations of life may be. You can also develop immensely as a player by learning different styles of the game. Traveling the world with your dreams in hand is something that not everyone has the chance to experience, so be thankful if you have the opportunity to do so.
I sit here writing my blog on the Shinkansen headed back from Tokyo. As my train bolts in the direction of Kobe, I stare out the window soaking in the beauties of Japan. As I stare at the trees changing seasons, I begin to reflect on my life. My reflection flashes through my brain in perfect sequence as if I had simply hit the rewind button. It moves in a snake like formation going around all the bumps and curves I endured during my journey. The same thought always arising, how did I make it to Japan? I never thought I would have an opportunity to play women’s professional soccer for two years in a country approximately 5,721 miles from home.
Being in Japan has taught me many things about myself. I constantly questioned why my life was headed in certain directions, or how I slightly missed what I perceived at the time as amazing opportunities. Never realizing the entire time I would have a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Japan and play professional soccer.
The steps of life are unpredictable, they can head in any given direction and be as high as they want. But only the person walking them can determine how to get to the next step.
Japan was that next step for me and while writing this I find myself a little nervous on what the future steps may look like 🙂
As for now, I get to compete daily with some of the games greatest players, I can partially speak Japanese, I know my way around Kobe, and I have made life long friends.

So I say to you, pursue your passion and when given the opportunity travel the world! Your heart and mind will open in ways you never knew.

Also, on a side note here are some pictures from the 2013 Nadeshiko League awards ceremony! Wanted to share with you all!

  1. terencefullick 8 years ago

    Brilliant!, thank you Beverly, I’m sure all your steps will take you to exactly where you want to go. Congratulations on all your achievements so far. There’s no doubt there will be many more.

  2. Asa 8 years ago

    @Beverly great insight into your Amazing football journey, long may it continue, Thank you for sharing this with us all

  3. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    Some call it destiny. Others (including myself) call it Providence. The point is, even a tragic event can result in a fortune, but only for the souls who always works for the best. The discontinuation of WPS was a tragedy, of course, but it brought you and Becky to us!

    Congratulation for your award! Everyone praises your number of goals. But I think the most important part of your 2013 story is that you scored goals when they were needed most desperately. Your 2 goals in Week 17 (against Kibi Univ.) are good example. The mighty INAC Kobe had been scoreless for more than 200 minutes, and I believe the Kobe’s supporters were feeling stone in stomach. It was you who broke the spell.

    Ready to take on Chelsea Ladies? In a way, the match to come will be a head-on clash of 2 golden boots — Bev and Yuki Ogimi. 😀

    I like this banner!

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