Quarter-finals - Rio 2016 Olympic Games Women's Football tournament

Quarter-finals – Rio 2016 Olympic Games Women’s Football tournament

USA face familiar foe Sweden in their quarter-final clash whilst Canada face France, which met for the bronze medal four years ago! Follow all the Rio 2016 Olympic Games fixtures and results.

Today’s (12 August) exciting Rio 2016 Olympic Games quarter-finals will feature USA facing Sweden – these teams drew 0-0 at last summer’s World Cup. Germany faces China PR, which has experienced a resurgence under former France National Team head coach Bruno Bini, who has faced Germany on many occasions. Canada plays France, which met for the bronze medal four years ago as Canada won 1-0 on a late goal from Diana Matheson. Finally, Brazil vs. Australia, the team that knocked the current Olympic hosts out of the Women’s World Cup last summer.

Follow live match updates from today’s quarter-finals and all the games at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games women’s football tournament which sees us reach the knock-out stage.

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Live updates from Rio 2016 Olympic Women’s Football – Quarter-finals

  1. Asa 5 years ago

    Full-Time: Canada 1 – 0 France, Schmidt 56′

  2. Asa 5 years ago

    25 minutes left to play score: Canada 1 – 0 France

  3. Asa 5 years ago

    Sophie Schmidt scores to put Canada 1 up against France

  4. Asa 5 years ago

    Second half started: Canada 0 – 0 France

  5. Asa 5 years ago

    Half-Time: Canada 0 – 0 France

  6. Asa 5 years ago

    35 minutes played score: Canada 0 – 0 France

  7. Asa 5 years ago

    20 minutes played score: Canada 0 – 0 France

  8. Asa 5 years ago

    10 minutes played score: Canada 0 – 0 France

  9. Asa 5 years ago

    Game started: Canada V France

  10. Asa 5 years ago

    Full-Time: China 0 – 1 Germany, Behringer 76′,

  11. Asa 5 years ago

    Goal: China 0 – 1 Germany,

  12. Asa 5 years ago

    red card for china 57′, China 0 – 0 Germany

  13. Asa 5 years ago

    Second half started: China 0 – 0 Germany

  14. Asa 5 years ago

    Half-Time: China 0 – 0 Germany

  15. Asa 5 years ago

    40 minutes played score: China 0 – 0 Germany

  16. Asa 5 years ago

    30 minutes played score: China 0 – 0 Germany

  17. Asa 5 years ago

    20 minutes played score: China 0 – 0 Germany

  18. Harry 5 years ago

    Wow!! What a game! But the refereeing, or rather the assistant refereeing had a big say on the outcome on the match. The decision for offside of the United States goal is a crucial mistake, but in fairness to AR1 Jones it was close and I suspect Keighley would have disallowed the goal anyway for the pull. But the disallowed Sweden goal, that is a completely awful decision. Firstly it was a so obvious deflection so I only think that Kaumatule must have had a blackout, but even if she did interpret that Schelin did have an effect on the defender playing the ball (and under the current interpretation she wasn’t even close to doing that), she was still easily onside. From a refereeing perspective I am so glad Sweden progressed or one can only think of the Swede’s anger.
    But honestly it doesn’t surprise me too much, when the designations were announced I was very pleased to read the name Keighley for this match, but the fact they didn’t replace the Tongan AR for the Australian, Flynn, who was in Rita Gani’s trio. That is what they did at the World Cup last year, and it would have been a completely logical decision. One must feel really for Lata Kaumatule, she is the fall guy in the midst of FIFA politics; Keighley is one the world’s best but the OFC ARs really aren’t on the same level of the referee in this case. Keighley had a very good game from what I saw also.
    If anything it still shows that FIFA refereeing is ruled by politics…

    • Author
      WSU 5 years ago

      Yes, I thought the disallowed goal for USA was for the foul, she clearly pulls, so if it was mistakenly given for offside, at least the goal should have been disallowed because of the infringement anyway.

      Agree. The Sweden disallowed goal is awful and it would have been heartbreaking if they did not go on to win pens.

  19. Asa 5 years ago

    10 minutes played score: China 0 – 0 Germany

  20. Asa 5 years ago

    Game started: China V Germany

  21. Harry 5 years ago


    Just to ask, in your opinion, what is the best refereeing performance you’ve seen in Women’s Football, and also what is the most tense match of Women’s Football you’ve seen. The list I could come up with for best refereeing was:
    Sweden – Japan, WC 2011, C Chenard
    United States – Japan, WC 2011, B Steinhaus
    Sweden – Germany, Euro 2013, S Staubli
    France – Germany, WC 2015, C Chenard?
    United States – Canada, Olympics 2012, C Pederson 😉 (not really!)

    Anyway would be interested in your thoughts!

    PS, very well Keighley so far in United States – Sweden

    • Harry 5 years ago

      Sorry I forgot
      Chelsea – Wolfsburg, UWCL 2015/16, K Kulcsar

    • Author
      WSU 5 years ago

      Good question, I will have a think and come back to you. Steinhaus is definitely a standout in terms of good performances.

  22. Harry 5 years ago

    FIFA has decided the names of the refereeing teams who will lead the four Quarterfinals in Brazil. The first match of the day and possibly the most sonorous, United States – Sweden, will be whistled by the only women to referee five World Cup matches last year, Anna Marie-Keighley- she is accompanied by her OFC team. The last World Cup final referee, Kateryna Monzul from Ukraine, is appointed to referee China – Germany.
    Canada – France, a replay of the Third Place Playoff match from London 2012, will be taken charge of by the Uruguyan, Claudia Umpierrez.
    The last match of the day and surely the hardest atmosphere of all the Quarterfinals, between the host nation and the team that elimated them from the last World Cup Australia. FIFA has chosen Carol Anne Chenard for this match, this is the second time we will see her and a second time in a Brazil fixture, after she left a very positive impression of the opening game between the hosts and China.
    Full appointments below:

    United States – Sweden, Brasilia, 13:00
    Referee: Anna-Marie KEIGHLEY (NZL)
    AR1: Sara Jones (NZL)
    AR2: Lata Kaumatule (TGA)
    4th: Rita Gani (MAS)

    China PR – Germany, Salvador, 16:00
    Referee: Kateryna MONZUL (UKR)
    AR1: Natalia Rachynska (UKR)
    AR2: Sanja Rodjak (CRO)
    4th: Esther Staubli (SUI)

    Canada – France, Sao Paolo, 19:00
    Referee: Claudia UMPIERREZ (URU)
    AR1: Loreto Toloza (CHL)
    AR2: Neusa Back (BRA)
    4th: Maria Carvajal (CHL)

    Brazil – Australia, Belo Horizonte, 22:00
    Referee: Carol Anne CHENARD (CAN)
    AR1: Marie-Josee Charbonneau (CAN)
    AR2: Suzanne Morisset (CAN)
    4th Official: Melissa Borjas (HON)

    All the best to all four teams!

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