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Questions I would like to ask Vadão

2016 is an Olympic year and I have already secured my ticket to the great final match at the Maracanã stadium. I am very excited with this big event, but on the other hand I am also disappointed with the paths the Brazil Women’s National Team (WNT) have been taking.

Last Monday, Brazil WNT head coach Vadão has named 21 players for the first training camp of 2016.
[1- Bárbara, 2- Luciana, 3- Letícia, 4- Fabiana, 5- Tamires, 6- Poliana, 7- Camila, 8- Rilany, 9- Tayla, 10- Bruna Benites, 11- Géssica, 12- Mônica, 13- Formiga, 14- Beatriz Vaz e Silva, 15- Andressa, 16- Thaísa, 17- Maurine, 18- Juliete, 19-Rafaela Travalão, 20- Débora, 21- Gabriela Zanotti]

After I read the list I thought, really, Vadão? Really?

I can’t understand the logic of letting a player like Rosana, who is still playing at a high level, out of the WNT. I have every reason (unfortunately) to believe that she will not be in the Olympics, since she has not been called-up for a long time and it is most likely that the Brazilian head coach will not make changes to the group, just months before the Olympics.

As Rafael Alves (Editor-in-chief of Planeta Futebol Feminino) tweeted:

Translation: “In pre-Olympic period, it is unthinkable you do not count on a player like Rosana in a national team. She would be a starter in any team in the world.”

In my view, Rosana is a great idol of women’s football that Brazil has and she should not be undeserved like this.

My second question is also related to the list. Why call-up players who should not make the bench?

I may sound harsh, but I can not understand how Gabi Nunes, Djenifer, Luana, Andréia Rosa, Letícia Santos, Rosana, Darlene are out of Brazil WNT and why Brazilian head coach took so long to call back Debinha after injury recovery and to call back Thaisinha, who had a great season in South Korea.

Even the USWNT who has a huge variety of great players, recently called 17-year-old forward Mallory Pugh. So, why Brazil can not call the 18-year-old topscorer Gabi Nunes?

After the disastrous year of 2015 for Brazil WNT, with early elimination of the Brazilian team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which led for the first time in the last eleven years the absence of Marta on FIFA’s list of the best players of the year, I have been quite disappointed with the direction Brazil WNT have taken.

Winning the Pan American Games without the USA and against the young team of Canada is a breeze! I will not even comment on the International Tournament held in Brazil because this latest edition was made for Brazil to win. But I can not see Brazil beat a team like France, for example, in the Olympics, if the team failed to beat Australia in the World Cup.

We have a long way to go until Rio 2016 and I really, really hope I am wrong and that the crowd along with our amazing players can lead Brazil to Olympic Gold. For indeed, Formiga, Marta, Cristiane, ROSANA, and others deserve this Olympic Gold long ago. But I do not see a podium for Brazil in the Olympics, because besides the team’s poor player selection, Brazil WNT still lacks goalkeepers.

Time alone will tell. I see you in the Olympics!

  1. Gina West 6 years ago

    Another great blog thank you Izzy. I admire your passion and honesty and I feel your frustrations that yet again decisions are being made at the detriment to the team.

  2. keithboanas 6 years ago

    If you have any contacts Izzy I am up for the job . With the talent and resources in Brazil to choose from and develop , i am confident i would be on the podium as a minimum .

    • Gina West 6 years ago

      Agree, everything seems to be there they just need someone with the experience and knowledge to put it all into place.

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