Ok people i hope you have been eager to hear about the events of the past 2 days ahead of our opening game on Moday?! Well, i can tell you it has been very fun and entertaining and both a mix of business and pleasure. I now know everything there is to know about the opposition, or at least you would hope so! ha However, i’m sure Mexico will have a few surprises of their own…so we as a squad will be alert and on our toes come game day. Also, i have been brushing up on my german and well i think can officially order an apple juice in a restuarant now “Ich habe eine applesaft, bitte” (please anyone German feel free to correct me…and stop me from making a fool out of myself! Lol).


Yesterday, (Friday 24th June) was our off day,meaning our day to take our minds off of football for a little bit, relax, socialise and maybe do a spot of shopping. We had all been looking forward to this day, until our eyes cast upon the board with our daily schedule. Yes, to all our dismay there were several scheduled meetings and two of which where FIFA meetings. The initial meeting was a FIFA referee meeting providing us with the opportunity to discuss, question and answer various clips regarding the laws of the game. This meeting was hosted by an Aussie, so you can only imagine the banter in the room, many jokes were made about her mother tongue, but she held her own and gave as good as she got! Anyway, back to the clips that were shown; They were to provide us with  a guide of what FIFA Referees determine as careless and reckless tackles as well as tackles of brutal intent. Well, of course you had the defender’s and midfielder’s firmly holding the opinion of ‘that was never a foul” on an clip of an overzealous challenge, whilst the forwards chiming in with “i hope the refs are going to clock defenders who climb all over us”! ha Clips where shown of plays where a player was impeded in an attempt to disrupt an attack; the consensus… “that’s just clever play”! haha. Anyway, to surmise this meeting actually turned out to be better than we had hoped for! lol 


Prior to the various meetings of the day we where gifted with the opportunity to go shopping at some outlets nearby to our hotel, for the ‘shopaholics’ in the team they could hardly contain their excitement, not to mention any names….Eni, Jill ( they know i love them! ha). Others just window shopping or in search of much needed, in fact vital sports bras and underwear, as laundry costs are basically extortionate! These much needed items turning out to be a difficult task to uncover with everyone turning up empty handed. So of course, the next best thing was to stare at trendy designer watches that are way out of my price range… “it can’t hurt to look, right?!


Oh, i forgot to mention we had our photographs/video taken for game day team announcements for the big screen, everyone thinking, “please no close ups” or at least i was! hehe Additional photo’s where taken for our accreditation that will give us access to the stadium on game day, i just hope mine doesn’t look like a mug shot well, we’ll soon see! ha


Now on to the most amusing and interactive part of the day; where to begin?! I’m not sure there are enough words to really give Alex Scott and Kelly Smith’s, Quiz ‘In it to Win It’ justice! So to paraphrase; our squad along with some staff members where divided into teams of about 5 or 6 members, there were various activities organised and i will describe them here in no particular order. One of the activities involved the picking up of cans’ with spaghetti with two members of each team who had to try and make it to a platform to set up a pyramid with the cans’, all you need to know here is that Raff and our security woman, Yvonne on my team were very unsuccessful, but, gave us something to laugh at! Another, was the blowing up of and popping of 3 balloons between two members of each team…you can fill in the blanks! All i can say, is that the usual suspects Jill and Eni were doing whatever they were doing incorrectly, but created a few streams of tears across the room, with their ‘how not to do it methodology’! But, by far my favourite activity to watch and i may even go as far as to say i would pay money to see this; was the head bobbing with a step counter attached to the forehead of an individual member of each team, participated by miss squealing lungs herself….Fara, Pippa our team doctor, ‘Treacle’ our physio and Jill and ‘Yank’s’, the hilarity in the room was immense. I know that whenever my team mates and i rekindle this moment again there will not be a dry eye in the room!


What can i say, i’m having a great time with my team, doing the thing i love most and sharing just a snippet of these moments with you. I hope there are many more moments i can share with greater significance in the days to come! 

  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 8 years ago

    What’s why fitness does the great job for USA, they have no competition there…Germany mix fitness and football/soccer together. IMO USA team’s players are more athletes than players (Wambach, Rampone)…Germans are athletes and players.

  2. Lo 9 years ago

    Neets!  You are hilarious.  I can hear you telling these stories now!  Just being a nerdy fan following your posts… better catch up — you’re a week behind… maybe just distracted?!? 😉



  3. Ceci Ocaña 9 years ago

    Great blog..Thank you!! and good luck!

  4. VLAD DENA 9 years ago

     Blog Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANITA URAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!

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