If there’s been one constant during the past Liga MX seasons it’s the bad referee calls.

Liga MX was meant to have video assisted referee (VAR) this semester, but changes in the requirements delayed it at least until the postseason.

Women’s Liga MX has also suffered poor referee decisions that sometimes are overlooked since some games aren’t transmitted and thus don’t generate as many complaints (specially on social media).

Last Saturday one of the most bizarre events ever happened during the women’s Pumas-Lobos BUAP match.

Pumas won the game 1-0 after a non-existent or ghost goal. (You can see the ‘goal’ here)



Despite this being an abismal mistake that affects the league directly (imagine one or the other being left out or making it through to the postseason because of these three points) Liga MX authorities haven’t spoken directly about it.

Sadly, if Liga MX is affected by bad referee calls, the women’s Liga MX is probably even more so since less experienced referees are chosen for those games.

The silver lining, however, is that many of those referees are women that are slowly growing their careers and that aspire to be in the men’s league in the future.


  1. Asa 3 years ago

    Thank you Adriana

  2. Gina West 3 years ago

    Thank you @adriana-terrazas for another great insight into the Mexico women’s Liga MX.

    This is such a bizarre decision! I keep watching the video and it’s just shocking!

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem, even more so in the women’s game. Just thinking at the recent Euros when Lucy Bronze had to explain the laws to the ref during a match!

    I know we want to encourage and see more female officials but there has to be a certain level of standard especially in the top tier leagues and major tournaments. Mistakes do happen and that is understandable but we need to find the best way to reduce them… especially the more ‘obvious’ ones.

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