*A Moment of Silence for the WPS*

…and…it’s over.


That’s exactly the primary thought currently existing in the minds of several after The Soccer Wire came out earlier today discussing the soon-to-be defunct Women’s Professional Soccer. Honestly, I doubt several people are too shell shocked, and most of those players who were at the beginning of this year; are comfy, cozy, and playing their hearts out overseas.


What an embarrassment…


From the country that brought you the ’96 Atlanta Olympics, the ’94 World Cup champions, the unforgettable ’99 World Cup victors, the countless additional Olympic golds, including a cruise through the ’08 Beijing Games; we’d like to say, “So long soccer, we’re stick our NFL drafts that pull more viewers than American Idol [irony].”

Over a considerable amount of months, myself along with several other individuals have turned our eyes [and hearts] away from the heartbreak brought on by the USSF, and more notably the WPS, and have declared; we will dare to be different.

With the vast gap of what was supposed to be professional women’s soccer, two programs have emerged where the other has died. Bigger, better, and beyond words on the determination of getting this formula right.

I’d like to introduce you to the Women’s Premier Soccer League and the USL W-League. While I’ll openly admit to my personal biased to the WPSL; I’ll also be the first to say this: we can be far better then what we currently demonstrate.

I, Shawn Daugherty, am calling for the changing of the guard within women’s soccer in the United States. Honestly, most of this has already taken place. I’m done with the pink ribbons [side Alex Morgan], and the girl next door attitude. I’m finished with this ‘step-child’ syndrome that plagues our own neighborhoods.
If you have pee-wee football players growing up to the NFL…
If you have Little League juicing up [too much?] and heading out to the MLB…
If you have Upward basketball players heading off to college…er…the NBA [same thing, right?]…
If you have college bowling leagues [this is real] leading to the PBL [also, strangely real]…
You. Me. We. Have. No. Excuse. 

I am a male who grew up in a basketball driven household, inside a football [American] crazed community, with a baseball field down the road. How on earth do I own a women’s soccer team?

Because I believe in higher standards and bigger challenges that we refuse to place on ourselves.

We’re lazy. We’re comfortable. And in the eyes of a soccer driven world, we play up [down] to our ‘American’ to roles.

Keep your NBA [MLS pulls more attendance anyways], keep your NFL, continue with your crazed MLB traditions [lucky underwear, seriously?], but understand we will not go silent into the night. A new generation, a new attitude comes with it.

Don’t believe me? Allow some circumstantial evidence of my own personal life to reflect these thoughts:

Now, you the reader, may be asking this question, “Why is this relevant, other then the fact that you’re creating a team.” 

Simple answer: Because as far as the books of the WPSL are concerned, we don’t even exist yet. We haven’t filed the entry paperwork yet. We technically do not exist. Yet, we’ve already created this much hype. We are not a ‘real’ team, and this geographical area of over two million [and three million cows] are excited, truly excited for this opportunity.

Dare to be different.

Shock the world.

In the past six months we’ve seen every reason on why we shouldn’t move forward with a team, why we shouldn’t let young players dream of something past college [that doesn’t involve body paint], and today I boldly make the claim that we’re entering a period of unparalleled growth of the women’s game. Let the WPS shut down, let ESPN ignore anything that doesn’t come with the five letter “U-S-W-N-T”, because I guarantee you this; when our games are sold out, when our fans are horse from yelling, and when we’re holding that cup in our hands we will have arrived.

We will rise above.
We will dare to be different.
We will be known for our legacy. 


  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    71′ GOAL! Germany 1-3 USA (Alex Morgan scores!)

  2. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Thank you for your blog Shawn. Really sad to hear the end of the WPS is looking more and more likely. 

    I think it’s fantastic about your soccer team and I believe we will be watching your team grow and compete in the near future. I wish you lots of luck and success.

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