Today, 14th June, was played at the Soccer Center Buftea FRF from the second female friendly game between the national team of Romania and the DPRK, Two days ago North Korea won the first match 4 – 2, and today the North Koreans won the second game 5 – 1.


Ri Ye Gyong opened the scoring in minute 23, Choe I Gyong increasing difference three minutes later. After the break, Ri Ye Gyong brought the score to 3-0 in minute 59, increasing it to 4-0 after two minutes. In minute 70, Song Yun He scored from free kick North Korea’s fifth goal and five minutes later, Laura Russian reduced the score with a superb shot from outside the penalty area.



Romania Team:

Sabina Radu (46 Mirela Ganea) – Monika Sinka (46 Olivia Oprea), Corina Olar, Ficzay Maria, Daniela Gurz (73 Adina Giurgiu) – Alexandra Iuşan (61 Stefania VATAFU) , John Bortan – Anne-Marie coins, Russian Laura Andreea Laiu (46 Andreea Voicu) – Cosmina Duşa (46 Zsuzsanna Sinka)



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