FFC Frankfurt are the latest club to express interest in the 5 times consecutive World Player of the year, Marta.


Only last week, we reported that Swedish side Göteborg were interested in bringing the Brazilian player to the Damallsvenskan.


FFC manager Siggi Dietrich loves spectacular signings, and securing Marta to Frankfurt would be up there with one of the best. Dietrich feels Marta would be a worthy successor to Birgit Prinz.


Marta has recently finished a very successful WPS season with Champions WNY Flash and will soon be heading to Brazil international duty at the International Tournament of São Paulo’s city this December.


What makes Marta such high demand? Not only is she a talented player on the field, both scoring and assisting goals. Her off the field work is admirable to; a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) she promotes women’s empowerment. Her continued hard work has made Marta one of the most recognised names in women’s football and would bring any club and league added exposure and promotion.


While rumours will continue to come in about where Marta will be moving to, if indeed she is deciding to leave the USA WPS league, we wish her luck and will continue to enjoy watching her make her mark at whatever club she chooses to join. 


In the meantime I’ll leave you a little bit of Marta in action…


UPDATE: 24th November 2011

Umeå IK want Marta to ‘come home’

Umeå IK join Göteborg and Frankfurt in the fight to get Marta to sign! They are currently looking for money to bring Marta back to Umeå IK.


(Thank you Izzy for researching this information.)


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  1. Brian McGuire 10 years ago

    I think the aim of the tour was to keep their players active and at home with their league having been taken away from them. Imagine if this tour hadn’t happened at all…we are now nearly in December, over three months since the final and maybe four more months before the new league starts…would have been very tempting for some of those players to jump the ship on the league and sign up in Europe or Japan. 

    Yes, the German games were the only big-time tests, but Australia gave them a real go in one of the games.

    I may be Irish myself but have bever seen the Irish women’s team play. A couple of Arsenal players in their ranks but I do not expect much of a difference between the men and womens teams here. Green Bus Parking will be the game plan…only it might end up like the men vs Spain (0-4) and Germany (1-6) against a team as strong up front as the US. 

    Of course…being Ireland…well, it may attract a few more supporters to the stadium, and I suppose the stadium vendors had better stack up on beer…

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Interesting read @Izzy

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