Dear representatives of the women’s soccer around the world!
I live in Russia and I love women’s soccer. Previously, I had been involved working with few women soccer clubs in Russia. I know the whole process from the inside and out. I have a law degree. I have to say that Russia has a special meaning in business and sometimes it means illegal practices and even a fraud. That was the case with the clubs


 In past, I was able to help the players who were cheated in these clubs and they got all their money and perks which they had written in contracts. In case if you or someone who you know got problems with their current Russian clubs (management, owners and etc.) then do not hesitate and contact me ASAP. I will be glad to give to you free advice and talk about the club and what players can expect and what you can or can not do. Also, I’m willing to help if you already have a contract with the club from Russia and cheat you out there. 

Sincerely,Yegor Skvortsov


  1. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago

    Second half. Emi Nakajima in, Kozue Ando out.

  2. Author
    VLAD DENA 10 years ago

    Again Jakobsson! …. – I wanted to be on the team, which was able to develop and really in good shape to go to the European Championship, which will take place in my country.

    As we have informed, attacking “The Russians” Sofia Jakobsson and its agents continue to search for a new club. Editor of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet first talked to Jakobsson and that the material in this publication
    Note that any club that wants to see in their ranks Swede, will be required to purchase a contract with the “Russians.”

  3. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 10 years ago

    Hi Vlad, I don’t get it . What is the point with Sofia Jakobsson. Is she on any kind of trouble right now?

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