Лента событий 1- 27 февраля 2011

“Russian woman” goes to Cyprus
February 26, “Russian woman will go to his second training camp, which will take place in Cyprus.
Champion of Russia-2010 plans to play three friendly matches with the best women’s soccer team played in the league in Cyprus. It is likely that this will be ca Famagusta, AEK Konstantinas and Vamos Idalion
Gathering at “Russian women” will end on March 7

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    @Hiroshi :

    Thanks a lot, Hiroshi san for the news. That should be the best possible Nadeshiko team. Good to watch the two G-K. And we’ll all be happy : you with Kawasumi, me with Kumagai, everybody with Sawa 🙂

    As for France, Captain Sandrine Soubeyrand won’t play, she’s not ready yet. The capes French recordwoman (men and women together) who will be 39 soon has not played the first two friendlies either.

    I suppose that French 11 should be something like that at the beginning :

    Bouhaddi – Franco, Meilleroux, Renard, Bompastor – Abili, Necib, Bussaglia – Thomis or Le Sommer, Délie, Thiney.

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