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After a decade in the elite of Spanish women’s football, Rayo Vallecano is about to disappear because the president of the organization, Raul Martin Presa has decided not to pay a single euro to the female team for the next season budget. The players and coaching staff have been mobilized to this stage and through social networking fans have launched a campaign with the hashtag #SalvemosAlRayoFemenino.

This idea seeks the gradual dismantling of the section to sink without remission. Basically means the beginning of a death for starvation.

Losing female Rayo Vallecano is derail the work of many people who have invested their time and effort to get women may have a significant role in a sport that still look at them with suspicion. Because big hit include them, bearing a coat of a professional team while having to allow not treated as professionals.

The news came to light yesterday is not only a blow to the first division soccer in Spain, is a big blow to the growth of the sport in the women’s section in this country, which is slowly gaining international recognition through its national team players and through reputable currently playing in overseas leagues.

But we can get an idea of what the budget of a team in the first women’s division? Is it extremely difficult to maintain a team, which in the case of Rayo Vallecano has won in recent years three league titles (2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11), and one of the Queen’s Cup (2008)?. But just after arrival at the club president Mr. Raul Martin Presa in 2011 when the cuts start to the women’s section to the dramatic situation yesterday. The budget of the first female team within the entity of Rayo Vallecano not even reach 1% of the overall budget; in other words approximately 100,000 euros plus the grant from the Community of Madrid could support themselves.

One of the emblems of the club, Natalia Pablos @Natalia_Pablos7, now playing in the ranks of English Bristol Academy, was equally surprised by the news that come from Madrid. “Today is going to drift the boat where I have been thirteen and where I have lived my greatest joys. Never forget that strip or the fans.” Another historical standards in Vallecas, Sonia Bermudez @sbstribano, now in the ranks of the Western New York Flash, indicated via Twitter that “much encouragement to the women’s section of the beam, which was my home for seven years and so many joys he gave his hobby. Gran injustice.”

Until our society does not understand the importance of women in sport, until the powers that be do not realize that there is the unstoppable need for women’s football in Spain can continue to grow and try equated to larger leagues where women will be making an equal, our society will not advance.

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    Thank you Nuria Baeza for this article

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