Progressive Company Brings Safer and Faster Game to Female Players Worldwide


The debate over equal rights in sports may be heating up again. With female athletes two to eight times more likely to suffer a sports injury, coaches around the world have criticized the focus in youth sports on performance rather than injury prevention.

Sensational Football, a progressive company now going worldwide with Sensational 1, a new women’s soccer ball. At 12 ounces and 26 inches circumference (360 grams, 67 cm) the ball is lighter than the traditional size 5 ball currently used in soccer. Sensational 1 is calculated by scientists and supported by the Danish Football Association, it is currently being used in games in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Majken Gilmartin, founder of Sensational Football, is a FIFA-certified coach and a soccer mom herself. She believes in making the game faster and safer. “With 30 million female players around the world in over 180 countries, this project is extremely relevant. With this ball we want to strengthen female players’ game and physical fitness. Our scientific research proves that an adapted ball have positive effects on players, we increase the speed of the game and cut injuries” she said.


According to research conducted by Silke Sinning, a leading professor from the Institute for Sports Sciences at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany, 50% of the test players thought the Sensational 1 ball performed better than the Adidas Jabulani, the official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa (a ball equivalent to the women’s Speedcell ball, used at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany).

Other positive findings in the research include:

·         Actual game speed increased by 15 percent

·         Allows goals from longer distance

·         Lowers injury risk significantly

The Sensational 1 ball has been tested for performance since 2008. The ball can be used in clubs and schools.

About Sensational Football

Sensational Football is dedicated to making the game of soccer/football safer and more fun for active girls and women around the world. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, visit



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  1. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago


    I do not deny some leagues are good indeed. German league most certainly. Swedish league…well, I never saw their game but I assume they should be good considering most players of Swedish national team play there, not to mention Marta. But, if we include players’ performance at local leagues to elect global MVP, we then must split leagues of the world into two groups. One which is considered in appraisal. And one which is not. Remember that FIFA is a world government of football. Do you think this government, or any government, can say to a certain precinct “We don’t count you as legitimate constituency because you are low”? From purely scientific perspective, perhaps, they should do it. For example, assigning a sort of “weight factor” to every league to appraise players’ performance is an idea. From political perspective, such policy is out of the question. This is why I suggest the idea to use only worldwide tournament, not as an ideal solution but, as I wrote below, as “lesser evil.”

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