Scotland – SWPL

Rangers 7 – 1 Kilmarnock


Scotland – SWFL

Troon 2 – 5 Cowdenbeath

Glasgow City II 0 – 8Aberdeen

Wishaw 1 – 10 Hibernian II


Scotland – SWF Scottish Cup

Hibernian 3 – 1 Spartans

Celtic II 1 – 0 Raith Rovers

Celtic 4 – 3 Toryglen

Glasgow City 4 – 1 Forfar Farmington

Glasgow,Hibernian,Celtic11,Celtic all progress into the Henson Projects Scottish Cup Semi-Finals 






  1. gromit 9 years ago

    So many posts in this discussion to read when getting back home… ;o)

    I disagree with many way of thinking expressed it. No, no, dear friends, it’s not “The Best player in the Olympics” that should be voted but the Best of the Year 2012 ! That’s not the same. And it’s even less the best of a semi-finale (Rapinoe, for instance) or a decisive player in a Finale (Lloyd, for another instance).

    On another hand, as someone wrote, some players (the US ones mainly) played only with their NT, when others (Europeans and Asians) played with their clubs too.

    The Ballon d’Or and Best Fifa’s player are always given for the whole year, that is performances with clubs and NT. The problem is that in Women’s Football, the public focusses more on the big tournaments (WC, Olympics, Euro) than on the national championships.

    Well… I think that Morgan deserves to be amongst the three at least and maybe #1. USA IS Alex Morgan. Take it out and not a lot remains at the moment, even if there are some good other players. As for me, she is the only US player I have a real pleasure to watch playing (and only playing), with Lauren Cheney. But as I said, she only played with NT…

    It could be said the same thing about Christine Sinclair. I wish to see her voted #1. But what has she done in 2012 out of the Olympics ? I just don’t know.

    I was thinking about Aya Miyama but Hiroshi said good things about her. Maybe “only” amongst the best 5 ?

    No way for me to vote for Lloyd, Rapinoe or Wambach for the reasons exposed above (no matches out USNT and not regular enough in their performances).

    Homare Sawa was less tremendous than in 2011 but maybe she was in the Nadeshiko League ?

    I don’t think that Camille Abily (a girl I really like very much) or Eugénie Le Sommer (sorry, Gina !) deserve to win or even been nominated amongst the five. BUT… for me the  big forgotten one is WENDIE RENARD ! She played a fantastic season with Lyon and was – for me – the best French player at the Olympics, and even the best CD (with Kiddy Saki, of course, who could have been nominated but she didn’t have a great season with Frankfurt).

    Marta was – maybe – brillant in Sweden but not at the Olympics with Brazil.

    Fukumoto is the great surprise and she would deserve to be in the Top 3. But I don’t know how was her season in Japan’s League.

    So, I’d vote ideally for Sinclair, Morgan and Renard. Wendie not being in the official list, I would say Fukumoto.

    For the best coach, it’s very hard…

    Norio Sasaki led Japan to two Finals (Algarve and Olympics). With a fair refeering, Japan would have won the Olympics. So, very great achievments.

    John Herdman made miracles with Canada at the Olympics but not in Cyprus…

    Patrice Lair won the French League and Cup (but with weak opposition) and a brillant C1.

    Pia Sundaghe won the OG but lost Algarve.

    Steve Swanson won U20 with a very poor team playing a very boring football.

    Let’s give it to Norio Sasaki again !

    Oh… I forgot Bruno Bini… On strict results, he won Cyprus and was SF in Olympics. But the second result is seen as a failure by too many people. And if he was voted #1, OL would play the rest of the year without its fans, all dead after massive heart-attacks ;o)

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