Another year, another coach, different team, different expectations, this is what faces Adelaide United for the start of season six for the Australian Westfield W-League.


As the teams starts another journey to see if they can lift themselves from the bottom of the league table, you have to wonder if they have done enough this time around.

We thought when David Edmonson took over the reins it would lift them to the next level, sadly it did not but once again with no stability it took a nose dive to the depths again.

Having no seasoned Matildas has always been a problem and the lack of sponsors also does not help, also not having a core group of players also does not help the situation with R Quigley and K Harvey being the only players to play all 5 seasons. Then you look at Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney and their teams don’t change that much over time, you start to think what is Adelaide doing wrong.

This year with Ross Aloisi in charge (ex-socceroo) and former Matilda, Melissa Barbieri as first keeper you would think that things are looking positive, pretty sure the other 5 years we thought that too. But of course only time will tell. With trials/training starting in less than a week and half away and no one certain of a spot in the team unless they are fit and ready you have to start to wonder where the bulk of the team will come from… FFSA have already advertised for interstate players to come across and trial for the team. And there will definitely be three international players on their way over to Adelaide (Who and where from to be announced soon, or so I’m told)

With the first game to be played over in Western Sydney on the 10th of November, AU have just 9 and a half weeks to pick a team, make sure that team is fit and make sure the team has gelled together.

As for me I will try and keep everyone as informed as I can, as well as match reports when AU is at home.

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