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A training course for Class 1 and Women Class 1 Referees was held in Ebina, Kanagawa on 21-22 and 28-29 June 2014.

The training class included the second physical fitness test in which all Class 1 and Women Class 1 Referees are required to pass.

The Laws of the game for 2014/15, adjusting physical condition for summer season and football match fixing were also covered in the training class.

FUKANO Etsuko, Manager of Women’s Department commented on the JFA website: “The purposes of this second Training was to do the physical fitness test which is held semi-annually for the Class 1 and Women Class 1 Referees, and to check the Laws of the Game since this is usually amended around this time of year.
I could see good results of the physical fitness test which expresses that all the Women Class 1 Referees had prepared well for the test. At the sprint test, they tried to record their best time and they also made good groups to finish the interval running.
At the accompanying training sessions for Women Class 1 Referees, we covered “preparation for the very hot season”, “video analysis”, and “logical thinking”. Each one was raised as necessary a topic to know and I expect the training sessions will be helpful for referees to perform very well at Nadeshiko League, Challenge League, and other All Japan Competitions which are heating-up.
Personally, it was my first training after being selected as the Manager of Referee Committee of Women’s Department. Looking at the Women Class 1 Referees’ serious attitude to the training and the physical fitness test has motivated me again to devote myself to work for them”.

IMAIZUMI Nami, Women Class 1 Referee (Fukushima prefecture) commented on the JFA website:
“It was a very productive training for second half of the season because I could exchanging positive ideas in limited time of training in two-day and overnight stay. Making most of the things we learned at the training, I am determined to overcome the upcoming hard-fighting games with every one of us”.

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