Semi-Finals 10th October

Bahrain 0 – 4 UAE

Goals From:

Jamila Marek 14’ (UAE)

Ouafae Nacha 49’ (UAE)

Dalila Zerrouki 64’ (UAE)

Imen Trodi 75’ (UAE)


UAE the champions of the 3rd edition won through to the qualification for the 4th WAFF women championship final after defeating Bahrain 4-0 in the semi final on Monday.

Iran will play UAE in Wednesday’s Final


Iran 3 – 2 Jordan 

Goals From:

3’ (Jordan)

57’ (Iran)

74’ (Iran)

83’ (Iran)

87’ (Iran)



  1. gromit 9 years ago

    @Michelle, thanks a lot for your very interesting thoughts and analysis. I agree with everything you said and about the question of age too, which can’t be a decisive factor in itself. Christie Rampone is still very good at 37 years old. But I think this is the extreme limit beyond which the player is unable to sustain her level of playing (at international level). That is the case with France’s captain Sandrine Soubeyrand who was still very good until last WC (she was already 38) but just after seemed suddenly collapse. So, age can be a problem because it just pops up very suddenly. Boxx was transparent at the Olympics and Rampone recently showed her current limits against Germany. I really can’t imagine them still in the team in 3 and 4 years time when the game will have growing even faster with still improving nations.

    I think, like you, that they will be clever enough to retire before. But, in the interest of the team, they should do it right now in order to allow their heiress to gain international experience. But, on the other hand, I can’t imagine Wambach or Lloyd retiring. Remember what happened with Birgit Prinz who played the “one too much tournament” in 2011. She was useless, even no longer a regular starter and she finished her international career in a very sad and bitter way.

    It’s always so hard for a new coach to regenerate a NT. If Sermanni’s goal was to win 2013 Algarve Cup only, he could keep the same team maybe, adding only one or two young players in addition. But the target is 2015 (WC) and 2016 (OG). Three and four years time. If he wants USA remains at the top and wins the WC (in 2015, that will be 16 years since US’s last title), he can’t afford to go to Canada with a majority of key players over 32 or 33 years old. In three years time, the game will have certainly speed up more, going faster and more technical with emerging nations.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t like to be Sermanni… I wish him good luck !

    I thought about something else and I’d like to have your opinion about it… In the new project about US Pro League, it has been said that the members of the USNT would be paid by the USFA. That means that they would be employees of USFA in some way. Then, what would be Sermanni’s power to “get rid of” those players if he doesn’t want them in the team anymore ? Isn’t there the risk, in other words, that the USFA, force the coach to call those players since they are paid for that ? I don’t know if I’m very clear in my exposition…

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