President of FIFA Sepp Blatter, has said bringing the tournament to the champions home turf was a welcome idea, but Blatter is yet to commit.

 Nadeshiko Japan won the women’s World Cup tournament in Germany in July, and won the hearts of many new fans.

Japan and South Korea have previously hosted the World Cup 2002 and the Club World Cup is currently in progress in Japan.

Sepp Blatter told a press briefing in northeastern city of Matsushima (an area affected by Japan’s March quake and tsunami), “Japan has proven its organisational capacities for international competitions. So yes it would be a good to hold other events here. Lets wait for the next executive committee of FIFA and maybe we will have another competition to offer to Japan.”

 When Blatter was asked about the possibility of Japan hosting the women’s tournament: “Let’s not talk too much in the future when the decision hasn’t been made.”

 Japan’s football chief has said that it will pass bidding on the 2013 and 2014 Club World Cups in order to give itself a better chance of hosting the women’s World Cup and other major tournaments.

The next FIFA women’s World Cup will take place in Canada in 2015.


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