Sickly Scottish team is given refusal to play fine by EUFA

Scottish women’s soccer team is a favourite among fans, and they have been in the news quite a lot recently! It will be interesting to see how this affects them in future matches.

Many are speculating that they are weaker than previously perceived. With regards to online football betting, it will be interesting to see if this affects how many people will bet for them to win their games. Online sports betting is a really great way to keep yourself entertained and to test your gut instincts and your intuition.

The big news with the U19 women’s team from Scotland is their absence at their game against the Balkans that had previously been scheduled for Monday 19th September. Unfortunately the Scottish team was unable to play in that game. There were rumours spurred on by a Serbian website, claiming that the team had been out partying, and had been highly inebriated the previous night. It suggested that the reason the team was unable to play was due to members being tired and suffering from hangovers the subsequent morning.

However, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) has claimed that there is no truth to these nasty rumours and that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the team was legitimately unable to play against the Balkan side on Monday. It has been reported that nine members of the team had been infected with a nasty stomach big. SFA claims that a local doctor had confirmed that the players were suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Apparently the Scottish team were too ill to have been out drinking in Albania as the Serbian website had speculated.

As is procedure, UEFA fines the responsible team with a refusal to play fine, when they are at fault for the game being cancelled. The stadium has been booked, staff are on site, and people have booked tickets. It is thus very costly for a soccer game to be cancelled at the last minute, hence the team at fault is required to pay a fine as a penalty for this inconvenience. However, the SFA is hoping that UEFA will have some mercy when they appeal this decision next week.

It appears that the Serbian website’s accusations put some amount of doubt in people’s minds, even though it is reported that the Scottish team had notified the EUFA through the match delegate and had also made contact with the Albanian FA to apologise for the unforeseen circumstances that were out of their control. They also expressed their desire for the match to be rescheduled to a later date once all the players had made a full recovery and were able to play again. It is reported that not only team members from the Scottish Women’s U19 team had become ill, but that some of their families had also contracted the stomach bug too. In addition, Kevin Stewart, their goalkeeping coach became ill on the concourse in Heathrow airport on his way back to Scotland and had to be treated right there.


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