I got a chance to meet up with Sylvia Wasilwa, a dedicated defender who is dedicated to her team. All strikers who have had the chance to play against her can testify to her skill and urged me to do an interview with her. Her passion to see her team win this seasons league trophy keeps her training hard and daily. I had the following interview with her.

Name: Sylvia Wasilwa

D.O.B: 12/12/1990

Position: Defender

Team/Club: MOYAS FC

Best Meal:  Ugali and Fish

Hobbies: playing soccer, making friends and watching movies

How long have you been playing football?

Since i was five

What position did you first play?

I used to play as a defender when i was a kid and i maintained my position as a defender.

What is your favourite Jersey number?

Number 6

What Clubs Have you played for in the past?

Mbotela FC, Kamaliza FC and now MOYAS FC

Who is your favourite female player in the world and Why?

Florence adhiambo; she is the former Harambee Starlets (Kenyan Women’s National Team) captain and Fc Makolandars midfield maestro. According to me, she has beaten the odds by being a mother and still managing to play football to the highest levels. She is the current U-20 harambee starlets coach that did amazingly well in the World cup qualifiers and missed the coveted tournament by a whisker. I could talk about her achievements forever.

Where do you train from when you are not training with the team?

I always train daily and when I am not with my team I I train in my neighborhood with the National Armed Forces team, Ulinzi Stars FC. (Ulinzi Stars FC is in the men’s football premier league)

The Premier League has kicked off, your team, MOYAS FC finished 2nd last season; do you feel prepared for the competition this season?

Very prepared

The number of teams in the league has been increased from last year’s 12 to 17 teams. How is this, a good thing for the women’s league?

Yes. It is a good thing because it gives more girls an opportunity to express their talents.

How can you compare Kenya’s talent to the other African countries?

There is talent in Kenya, the management is our biggest undoing

Is qualifying for World cup 2015 a possibility this time around?

 At the moment, My honest opinion is No.

What can be done to ensure we qualify?

The soccer governing body should tap talents from the grassroots and nurture them.

What is your best moment in your career thus far?

For me in soccer, every moment I get to express my talent is a best moment.

What has been your worst moment thus far in your career?

Last season in the league we lost 5-0 to Matuu FC

What club would you like to play for in the future (locally & internationally)?

Locally am happy at Moyas FC. Internationally, I would love to play for Arsenal ladies.

What do you think about Women football in Kenya?

There is a lot to be done, its not in the best of states.

What are some of the challenges ladies face in Kenya in this sport?

There is no motivation, no stable leagues, no major tournaments, and without a base its very hard to scale the heights.

Women football is getting recognized in the world, what can FKF do to ensure we are not left behind?

They should invest their time and energy in giving the women equal chance.

For women since football is not a pro sport, most players depend on a second career for livelihood. What is your other career? How does this affect your training regime?

I am post graduate student at Kenyatta University, pursuing International Relations. It is a challenge to balancing school and training, it can be an uphill task at times but I still manage

There are a lot of upcoming female footballers who are looking up to the existing players for inspiration. What do you do to ensure you have the motivation and inspiration to pass down to them?

Just serve as a good example to them by being role models

Who would you like to appreciate that has inspired your football career?

My family, they have been very supportive.

What is your parting shot to the upcoming younger players?

They should never give up.

  1. Nick Hay 8 years ago

    Fascinated to read this article and agree completely. I am a newcomer to Women’s Football – that is to say I have only been seriously following since 2011 and the formation of the WSL. Since then I think it can be said I am serious follower as I have not missed a single Birmingham City Ladies game, home or away, since September 2011, attended all the GB games and have been to several England ones. I was utterly disillusioned (indeed in disbelief) with Hope Powell after my first England game; what instantly struck someone with my background was the contrast between the negativity of her approach and that of the football I was seeing played by all the best teams in the WSL, especially Arsenal, Birmingham, Bristol and now Liverpool. Everything I have seen and heard since has added to that opinion.

    Really what is completely crazy is that the FA sinks a lot of effort into establishing the WSL which has been a massive step forward for the game in England but then there appears to be almost no connection between the WSL and the NT. Whoever is the next manager (and my choice is very definitely Laura Harvey because I have seen her side play wonderful football – sorry Keith) needs to ensure that this link is close and pertinent in terms of players and tactics. 

  2. Håkon Mørk 8 years ago

    Ellen, thank you for posting these interviews. It is very interesting to read about the struggles of female footballers in Kenya; they certainly make the problems in more professional countries seem smaller!

    I hope that everyone in Kenyan football can work together to make conditions better. Good luck.

  3. gromit 8 years ago

    Another great interview and always the same frustration, that the Kenyan FA doesn’t make enough effort for Womens’ Football…

  4. Asa 8 years ago

    @Ellen great blog thank you

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