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“what feels like the end is often the beginning”

Salut tout le monde! I am happy to share with y’all that I will be blogging again this season for Women’s Soccer United! Hopefully I can continue to share insights and experiences through Women’s Soccer United!

This summer literally FLEW by! I wanted to get back home as soon as possible after last season ended; I needed to distance myself from the sour taste the year had left with me. To update everyone, my team did indeed get relegated. Last season was, for all intents and purposes, a failure. Both from a team and personal perspective, it was extremely disappointing. It was very frustrating for a lot of different reasons, so I went home looking for some perspective and distance from the game. It was a much needed break; I was able to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones.

I thought it would be fun to mix the blog up this time. Since my six-week summer passed by in a blink of an eye, I thought it would be more fun to include some pictures illustrating my time at home rather than just writing about it. Enjoy!

Catherine Fitzsimmons This essentially shows how my bedroom looked. All. Summer. Long. Not only was I trying to unpack all the stuff I brought home from France, I was also traveling a lot, so I was living out of my suitcases! Definitely chaotic, but as some of my friends noted, at least the bed is made?

Catherine Fitzsimmons One of my best friends lives in Washington DC, and we make a point to see each other every year. We were overdue for a reunion, so I headed to our Nation’s Capital for a long weekend. She is a second grade teacher, so I was able to visit her classroom and meet all of her students! My cousin also spent the summer in DC doing an internship, so he met up with us for some sightseeing and to watch the World Cup!

Catherine Fitzsimmons While I was stateside, I had to get my fill of all the great American food I can’t get in France! This picture is from brunch with two of my former Rice University teammates at one of our favorite places in Houston. It was great to catch up with them and eat some wonderful breakfast food!

Catherine Fitzsimmons Houston is a really neat city with a lot of different areas and neighborhoods. There is always something new coming out of nowhere! I was on the way to dinner with friends, and we saw this great oversized lawn chairs that are part of an art installation project around the Houston Heights. We jumped out of our cars to have some fun with them!

Catherine Fitzsimmons One of my favorite places in the entire world, Del Rey Oaks, California. One of the hardest parts about being away for such long periods of time is being away from family. So I spent a week in California visiting with my grandmother. She is 94, so the only way we really communicate while I am gone is by writing letters. And while that is better than nothing, I am so happy we got to spend some time together!

Catherine Fitzsimmons When I got back from California, it was time to get back to work! While I was in Houston, I was lucky enough to have access to the Houston Dynamo and Dash facilities and gym. The coaches from CES Performance kicked my butt and helped me focus my offseason workouts. I broke my six-week break up into three different parts: two weeks of rest and regeneration, two weeks of base building, then finishing with two weeks of soccer training.

CCFPhoto8Since I spent the bulk of my time in the States in Houston, I was able to take advantage of being in the same city as an NWSL team. Coach Randy Waldrum and Brian Ching, the Managing Director, were very welcoming and let me jump into training for a couple weeks. NWSL teams are only allowed to have 20 players on the roster at one time, so they are usually looking for players to drop in and help with numbers during the summer. It was a great opportunity for me to shake some of the rust off before returning to France, and it was also very interesting to see how an American professional team operates.

Catherine Fitzsimmons One big reason I like to come back to Houston is largely because a lot of my friends and former teammates from Rice University still call the city home. For example, this summer I was able to see five of the seven girls I lived with my senior year! Lots of reunions and reminiscing. This photo is with three of my former soccer teammates; we were able to meet and catch up one of my last days in Houston.

Catherine Fitzsimmons I spent my last week in America in Ann Arbor, Michigan visiting my dad! I went to high school in Ann Arbor, so I was also able to see some old friends and visit some of our old haunts. My dad also worked some magic and managed to get tickets to the Guinness International Champions Cup game scheduled in Ann Arbor! We watched Manchester United take on Real Madrid at Michigan Stadium, and the game ended up setting a new record for attendance for a soccer match. Over 109,000 people! It was incredible!

So there you have my summer in a few quick snapshots. It was not enough time to do everything I wanted, or see everyone I wanted (but then again, when is it ever?) but it was still a wonderful vacation.

Now that I am more settled in, I will be sharing more about my new club ASPTT Albi, preseason, and the beginning of the Championnat! And as always, please share your comments, questions, or inquiries you have about life in France!

Peace, love, and to new beginnings,

  1. Gina West 7 years ago

    Brilliant blog, thank you Catherine.
    I really enjoyed the photos illustrating your Summer break.
    Haha… At least the bed is made in the photo of your ‘chaotic’ bedroom! 😉
    It is great to hear you had a lovely time and were able to catch up with your family and friends.
    All the best for your new challenge in the French Women’s Division 1.

  2. Asa 7 years ago

    Great blog Thank you Catherine

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