Sole Jaimes: The Argentine player who shines in Brazil

Sole Jaimes: The Argentine player who shines in Brazil

Brasileiro Feminino 2017, South America and more

The Brasileiro Feminino 2017 is heading into the seventh round and it is not a Brazilian that is standing out until now, but a hermana, an Argentine player, 28 years-old, called Florencia Soledad Jaimes, or just Sole Jaimes.

The Argentine forward plays for Santos FC, better known as Sereias da Vila (Village’s Mermaids) and she is the top scorer of the tournament so far, scoring seven goals in six matches.

Sole has the characteristics of the classic striker, tall and skillful, additionally, she also has a lot of grit and tenacity, typical of Argentine players.

It has been a pleasure to see her play, but at the same time I am sad to think how many more Soles there are in Argentina and South America in general, who have never had the chance to grow in women’s football and play professionally.

Brazil is far from having the same investment as the United States and some European countries have for women’s football, but in South America, Brazil has always been a point off the curve.

Few South America players (excluding Brazilian players) had the opportunity to play abroad and professionally as, for example, Estefanía Banini (ARG), Lady Andrade (COL), Yoreli Rincon (COL), Sole Jaimes (ARG), Christiane Endler (CHI), Yanara Aedo (CHI). Some of them were discovered by Colo-colo (CHI) and Boca Juniors (ARG), teams who are part of the few clubs in South America that have had women’s football teams for many years, alongside Santos (BRA).

I really hope that with this new CONMEBOL’s rule (The South American football Confederation determined that clubs that want to participate in the men’s Libertadores Cup from 2019 edition will have to maintain a women’s team) things start to change in South America.

The creation of new clubs and new leagues in South America would bring more investment in women’s football and more publicity, additionally the attention of the European and North American clubs for South American players.

Another rule that CONMEBOL must create, in my view, is related to the minimum number of matches that each national team should have per year. That’s because, some South American teams, only play every four years, during Copa América Feminina.

For example, according to the FIFA website, the latest friendly match played by Bolivia was in September of 2014, against Ecuador and the most recent friendly match played by Peru was in November of 2009!

To conclude, I would like to invite you to know more about women’s football in Brazil and in South America.

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  1. Asa 5 years ago

    Thank you very much Izzy enjoyed reading this news. Muito obrigado gostava de ler esta notícia Izzy

  2. WSU 5 years ago

    Brilliant article Izzy. Another fantastic insight into the game in South America, the development so far and what still needs improvement.

    I agree with you that CONMEBOL must create another rule related to the minimum number of matches that each national team should have per year! I am in disbelief that Peru’s most recent friendly match was in 2009!

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