Spain – Superliga

Real Sociedad 1 – 0 Lagunak

Sporting de Huelva 4 – 3 Collerense

Atletico Madrid 1 – 1 Transportes Alcaine

Reocín 3 – 5 San Gabriel

Espanyol 4 – 0 Rayo Vallecano

Athletic Club 3 – 1 Levante

Valencia 3 – 1 FVPR El Olivo

L’Estartit 0 – 3 Barcelona

Llanos Olivenza 3 – 1 Málaga 



Spain Women’s Superliga Top Goal Scorer

Sonia Bermúdez Tribano (FC Barcelona) 14 Goals

Mary Paz Vilas Dono RCD Espanyol) 13 Goals

Natalia Pablos Sanchon (Rayo Vallecano) 11 Goals

Christian Edit Fernandes (CD Transportes Alcaine) 9 Goals

Ana Maria Romero Moreno (RCD Espanyol) 8 Goals

Tapia Díez Nekane (Athletic Club) 7 Goals

Olga García Pérez (FC Barcelona) 7 Goals

Patricia Reifs Mascaro (UD Collerense) 6 Goals

Latorre Bárbara Viñals (CD Transportes Alcaine) 6 Goals

Lucia Garcia Herrera (EMF Reocín) 6 Goals

Adriana Martin Santamaria (Atlético de Madrid) 6 Goals

Marta Cubi Tudo (CD San Gabriel) 5 Goals

Jade Boho Sayo (Rayo Vallecano) 5 Goals

Deborah Garcia Mateo (RCD Espanyol) 5 Goals


  1. Deborah Bakker 9 years ago

    I watched it live. Tired as hell.

    First 20 minutes were really sloppy on the US side. After they got used to each other again it went better, passing the ball around, going from 4 defenders to 3 because Ireland only had one up front. Solo didn’t have much to do. US had a few shots on goal in those first 20 minutes but not on target. But than the Alex Morgan show started!! 3 shots on goal all low in the corner, few defending mistakes by Ireland. Don’t ever let Morgan free in the box. O’Sullivan tried to win a penalty kick but she did not get it. US defence hadn’t much to do. I really liked the way Mitts went forward. She was contributing a lot. Heath and Rapinoe did some few awesome tricks. Cheney played really good. And I think that sums up the first half, as far as I can remember, watching football in the middle of the night is not the best thing you can do. Just one thing, I said it before, but where was Wambach? She was invisible again.

    I think the second half was a bit chaos after the 6 substitutes, Leroux coming in was just awesome with her 2 goals, O’Hara came up great, just like Mitts. But defence wasn’t solid as in the first half. Barnhart had a few scary moments but all went well. Ireland tried. And can I just say that I love Ireland’s socks?! Can’t believe I didn’t buy them last summer.

    So Gina to answer your question, was it an entertaining game?? Yes. 

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