Stabæk soccer women have sold the rights to the Champions League match against FFC Frankfurt, the Eurosport. The battle – played on Nadderud Stadium 28 September (kick-off at. 1900), will be shown live on Euro Sports main channel (Eurosport1) and on the Eurosport Asia / Pacific. This means that the game goes live in 53 countries – worldwide.

Ingebrigt: Æ

This is great fun for the whole Stabæk Football. We said as a joke in 1998 that we should “teach Europeans letter Y” – in the sense that we should be a factor in European football. Lord Our team has helped by beating Deportivo la Coruna, Anderlecht and Rennes in the European Cup, but there are certainly still some Europeans that can not be Æ. Then it’s great that our women’s Champions League will be shown in over 50 countries. It gives a Seer potential that few, if any, Norwegian football clubs have had in the past, says Ingebrigt Steen Jensen

There is also a signal that women’s football is stronger in Europe than in Norway. Parks and viewing figures from this year’s World Cup for women in Germany show that Norwegian football has a long way to go here.

Hopefully Stabæk girls in their home match against Champions League-favorite Frankfurt show that we are closer to world leaders in women’s football than we are in the men’s – and the girls deserve far greater attention than they receive today, says Jensen.

Enthusiasm among the players

Stabæk players are also natural NOK also pleased that they finally will get some well deserved attention. Stabæk Australian striker jewel is particularly excited about – I’m looking forward something completely insane. It is so great that the struggle to appear in so many countries – and particularly that people can see it in Australia. Mother and father and my five siblings never see me play. No one in the family has been fighting since I played the Cup final in England for Fulham in 2003. Now they will gather and prepare barbecue party with a large screen and full party all night, says Kristy Moore Time difference to Adelaide where Moore comes from, is 7 hours, so there will be a long night for the family Moore.


When I heard about this was the first thing I thought, for you the world so much better it is to get paid for our struggle is shown on TV in 50 countries, than to be auctioned off as escort girls in QXL , said Stabæk veteran Trine Rønning . She thinks the fact that Eurosport will send the game so wide, and that they have paid for the rights and production, shows that Norway is far behind when it comes to understanding the potential of women’s football commercial. – Eurosport use the no money for this to be nice, says Rønning to

NFF also satisfied

This is good news for all of us who work for the development of women’s and anyone who wants to look good women’s live and in its entirety on television. With viewing figures from this summer’s World Cup fresh in memory, where over 14 million Germans spent an average of matches in this championship, will NOK viewing figures only in this country exceed all previous records for a Norwegian club teams on the women’s side have been involved, said Heidi Minister Toppfotball Head women’s NFF, in a comment. – This is also evidence that women’s football has been as high intrinsic value that the TV companies like Eurosport are now willing to pay for broadcasting rights – women’s football is becoming an attractive commercial commodity. We just have to give all credit to those responsible in Stabæk FK who have established this agreement, says Minister.

As far as we can see, never a club match with a Norwegian team was shown live in many countries. Eurosport is the all most of these countries, an open free channel included in the basic packages of cable and satellite TV companies. Total population of nearly 1.2 billion people in these countries.

In these countries displayed the fight directly: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Austria, Azerbadijan, Bosnia , Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Andorra, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Albania, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, San Marino, Belarus, Belgium.

Contact: Richard Jansen, Stabæk Soccer Women, 95061317




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