Start!!! Championship of Ukraine. Round 1. Alain Khodyreva goes to bombardier!… defense and a player!
“Donchanka” (Donetsk) 1-1 “Zhilstroy-1” (Kharkiv)
“Rodyna” (Kostopol) – 1-0 “Legend” (Chernigov)
“Atex” (Kiev) – 0-5 “Neftekhimik” (Kalush)
Goals: Khodyreva -2 (previously advocated Permian team)Kostanyan Botyuk, Boichenko.
“Zhilstroy-2” (Kharkiv) – 1-1 “Ilichevka” (Mariupol)

  1. gromit 10 years ago

    Third day for Les Bleues in Nice and third (and last) training session this morning and this time in the Stade du Ray itself.

    No hints about a possible starting team tomorrow. No opposition match today. Various exercises. Amongst them a game set up by Corine Diacre, built apparently on quick-reactions and solidarity (I can confess the goal of the game was not very clear…). Obviously, the girls enjoyed the game since they were all out of laughter.

    As in Day 1, a ball conservation little match. The GK worked separately and I was impressed by Bouhaddi’ s and Deville’s quality with their feet.

    The seance ended with shoots at goal after systematic centers from right (Thomis, Soyer) or left (Boulleau, Soubeyrand). Best shots for Abily and Necib, but not many goals scored… hmm… Delie didn’t participate to this last exercise.

    Wendie Renard is physically very, very impressive. So is Laetitia Tonazzi, tall and strong-builded. This latter has also – by far ! – the palest skin, as white as a sheet of paper or an English tourist roasting on a Nice beach in summer ;o)

    I was impressed too by Delie’s thigh muscles and apparent (but only apparent) physical fragility of Anaïg Butel.

    Today, the weather changed dramatically (in the positive way) with a fantastic pure blue sky. Real spring for the first time since ages (actually since Xmas). But the forecast says that the clouds will come back tomorrow morning with rain in the afternoon and a fall of temperature…

    I really don’t know if the stadium will be well full or not. Last sunday there was Nice-Marseille in L1 and it was full (17,000). But tomorrow ? At 6.30 ? A thursday ? We’ll see. The match not being broadcasted (only on Eurosport, a paid channel) might help to send people to the stadium…
    I can’t wait for this match and I’m very impatient to see Christine Sinclair who is clearly for me one amongst the 3 or 4 best players in the world and who would have deserved the Ballon d’Or 2012 imho.

  2. Asa 11 years ago

    Thank you Vlad for update

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