Lisa-Marie Woods

We are in our last week of preparations before we start the league as a part of a double header with the Men’s team on Saturday. We have been together for a little bit now and are all very excited to get started.

It has been some intense weeks to get to know each other’s on the pitch to try to get the individuals that we are to work together as a productive team. I can see major progress from day one until now so the girls and I are working hard to keep this progress throughout the season. This pre-season is very different to what I am used to from Europe.

In Europe you are together with your team-mates more or less all year around (with short breaks for summer and winter), and with a large portion of the team returning from year to year. This season I have only played with two of the players before and only have a span of a couple of weeks to get to know them. I truly like this challenge. My head has to be turned on at all times and you are definitely pushed outside of your comfort zone, which allows for progress.

As this is the last week before kickoff for the season, 24th of May, we are all on our feet fighting for spots in the squad and of course in the first 11. Luckily it is not going to be easy for coaches to pick their first 11 it seems like. I always welcome competition, as I thrive on it. For obvious reasons I cannot comment too much on the tactics of our game, but I am pleased to find my place in it more and more everyday. Don’t get me wrong. Even though I enjoy the challenge of the new, it can at times be frustrating. I (and I am guessing everyone else on the team) have to remind ourselves where we are and our potential as to where we will end up. Keeping the main goal in sight is always important.

Here are some links to a some squad updates:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

We are ready. Let the league start!

“A dream does not become reality through magic: It takes sweat, determination and hard work” – Colin Powell


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  1. Gina West 7 years ago

    Great blog Woods, thank you.
    It is great to hear about yourself and your team’s preparations ahead of the start of the season. It does seem like a challenge for everyone to get know how each other play in a short period of time.
    Good luck for the season.

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