Here is an statement from Seattle Sounders who are rumoured to have an involvement in the new professional league in USA (due to launch 2013). 


After another successful international tournament from the USWNT, details were revealed for plans of a new professional league in USA. Previous attempts of a pro league in the states have not been successful and as the Sounders Women have mentioned below, the new league needs to be stable, sustainable, and prosperous model.


We hope that all those involved with the new professional league can together come up with a solution for making a professional women’s soccer league survive. 


The statement below was posted on the Seattle Sounders official website, click here to visit.

The Seattle Sounders Women are extremely proud of our representatives within the U.S. Women’s National Team and would first like to congratulate Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, and Sydney Leroux on their Olympic gold medals.

Recently there have been reports of a new professional women’s soccer league, and the awareness of this development are largely due to the fantastic momentum that Team USA has generated with their gold medal performance in London.

The Seattle Sounders Women, coming off an incredibly successful 12th season as a franchise in the USL W-League, will absolutely return to the pitch for a 2013 campaign. We are aware of the possibility to move to a different league or evolve with our current league. At this point, the Sounders Women are open to all options and evaluating what is best for women’s soccer in the United States as well as what is best for the Sounders Women and our unparalleled fans.

Whether we are dealing with our own league or outside interests, women’s pro soccer deserves a fair shot at surviving. What survival means is a dogged restraint to costs in such a way that can compel future franchise growth nationwide. Our league and owners must agree on realistic player salaries and franchise fees and conjoin them with knowledgeable soccer people and business infrastructure.

The Sounders Women encourage our fans and all supporters of women’s soccer to be patient in order to ensure a stable, sustainable, and prosperous model is chosen for the women’s game in the U.S. so previous unsuccessful models are not repeated.




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  1. Author
    Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Second half underway: Canada 0-0 USA

  2. gromit 9 years ago


    Hope Solo: Germany, France, Sweden.
    Abby Wambach: Germany, Sweden, France.
    Alex Morgan: France, Sweden, Germany.
    Heather O’Reilly: Sweden, Germany, Japan.
    Megan Rapinoe: France, Germany, Japan.
    Carli Lloyd: Sweden, Japan, Germany.
    Sydney Leroux: France, Sweden, Germany.
    Lauren Cheney: England, France, Sweden.
    Lori Lindsey: Sweden, Germany, France.
    Tobin Heath: France, Germany, Sweden.
    Amy Rodriguez: France, Germany, Sweden.

  3. Margie Lampman 9 years ago

    I agree with the Sounder’s post re:  waiting for a sustainable league.  It will take ALL elements to make a league successful.  Season ticketholders and ticket prices, reasonable salaries, reasonable league fees, Advertisers and a willingness for the sports media to acknowledge the greatness of the players within the US women’s pro soccer world. And to the Sounders, there were more than 4 players on the US team.  Solo, Sydney, Pinoe, Lori Lindsey, A-Rod and Barney were all part of the Philadelphia Independence, but even we Philly fans acknowledge that it was a TEAM effort to bring home Gold.  Just sayin…

  4. gromit 9 years ago


    a – An unreasonable salary is a too much high salary that, once paid, can endanger the life of the company which doen’t have enough funds or ressources to assume this compensation policy. In other words, a salary that can’t be garanteed by enough gains.
    b – An unreasonable salary is a salary which doesn’t reflect what the employee gives. It can be unreasonable being too low (most often with workers) or too high (most often with bosses).
    c – An unreasonable salary is a salary which represents a indecent gap between the lowest salary and the highest. In other words, when the salary scale is too wide. The one who has the most of money always have it because an other one has the less.
    To give or to ask a precise calculation would be demagogic since it depends of the country, standard of living, economic crisis or not,  legislation and – above all, but I know it will ring awfully leftist to you ;o) – of wage negociations between Unions and Bosses. Yes, Unions. If you want Professional Women’s Football, you’ll have to have Women Football players’ Union(s).

    2) Please, avoid to spread clichés about French policy towards the labor and production world. That is maybe a ground you paced only through neo-liberal textbooks. And – for very personal reasons – I could write 100 pages about it to demonstrate that you’re wrong. But it’s not the place, is it ? So, let’s the clichés and ideological pre-conceived ideas where they belong, please.

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