Ways to Support Your Favorite Women’s Soccer Team

For the majority of human history, sports have been a predominantly male territory. There isn’t a more accurate way to sum up women in today’s world as the fact that it took nearly 5 years after the first modern Olympics were created to allow women to participate. Not to mention the fact that they weren’t allowed to enlist in nearly as many sports as men could, and it took more than a century before they did. And still, they faced much more hardship than a male Olympian would. This resonates not just in the Olympics, but in all sports like handball, golf, rugby, and soccer.

This highlights how, as people interested in the sport, you find yourself face to face with issues that you don’t usually face with men’s sports. While this might be problematic, there are many things that you could do to show your support for your team and the sport as a whole. Strictly speaking, most fans who have a favorite team are careless of the sport as a whole, as long as they have a medium through which to connect with their ideal players.

That being said, just focusing on supporting your favorite team specifically, is also a form of support for the sport as a whole.

Fighting faulty logic

This notion is actually on the borders of hate speech simply because, if men are the only ones entertaining enough to watch and cheer for, then, this is subliminally reinforcing the misguided apathy towards women in not just sports, but in all sorts of fields. The truth that they help in the continuation of the species shouldn’t be the spark that initiates the trail of thought that blind society to women’s physical strength. That is why, as a fan of the sport, you should remain true to yourself by speaking your mind when the topic comes up and advocating for your favorite team of course.


Following anything that is yet to reach the global popularity can be somewhat of an ordeal. The coverage is poor, and you’ll find lots of trouble finding a way of viewing the matches. If the general rule is a women’s soccer isn’t worthy of following, then it isn’t worthy to air. What you could do is try to subscribe to online blogs or groups that share your passion for the sport. That will give you an accessible way of learning all there is to need to know about your team and manage to build social connections. You might find trouble finding these virtual places online, but should you go the extra mile, you’d be very happy with the results. And in the end, the more in touch you are with the updates and discussions of your favorite team, the greater you can show your support. And if more people do this, then ultimately, it will bring more attention to them.

Importance through hype

One of the biggest things you can do for your sports team is raising the hype around them. And with women’s soccer, this is even more the case. One way to do this is to show the world that they deserve the attention and can garner a little cash as well. You can try to make a big sweep by bidding on the results of the games of your team and placing your bet conveniently online. Not only will you be showing support, but you’ll also be bringing much-needed attention to games that are normally overlooked. With more people betting on women’s soccer, chances are a lot more people will be watching.

Social media & easy money

You can also try inviting friends to their favorite women’s soccer team’s game, gaining you points regardless of their team losing or gaining them. It has proven to attract more people to the games because of how it appeals to the evermore monetary based world. One of the strongest things you could do also, is to start following and liking all the teams and team members on online platforms. This selfie crazed and meme addicted society we live in brings many pros and cons to the table, and in the spirit of pragmatism, let’s just come to the conclusion that the number of followers an entity or person has online, is in a directly proportional relationship with how popular it is in real life. And thanks to that, the more you follow, interact, and share the teams and players of this sport online, more and more people will advertently or inadvertently start getting into the sport.

Proof of passion

This brings us to one of the most inconspicuous aspects of the sports industry. Sports teams and the leagues which supervise them require a large sum of funds to even begin, and a steady flow of lots of money to survive. Factually, the money these clubs make from the tickets they sell could barely account for one of the team’s regular training week. Not to undercut the need to show support by attending matches live, but to underline just how much your favorite women’s team could need your support. They would probably really appreciate you taking the time and checking out some of their merchandise. Wearing your souvenir medal or t-shirt with your team’s logo on it is the ultimate form of advertising.

Eventually, we start to come face to face with the fact that we’re instinctively pack animals. We follow where the crowd goes because it must be the safest or the hippest place to be. However, this might sometimes lead the whole from other astounding possibilities to broaden their horizons. That’s where your individual support of your favorite women’s soccer team kicks in. The more you start to actually eagerly follow and share your excitement about it, the more the phenomenon grows, leading to the actual thriving of the sport.

Dramatically posting on your social media about how affected you where by your team’s matches, new players, and coaches isn’t any more exaggerated than people showing their passion for their favorite men’s soccer team. The methods of supporting your favorite team, though simplistic, chart a course for a much brighter future for the sport as a whole. Therefore, you must overcome the initial inconveniences, own your fandom, and promote the sport as vigorously as other people do. That is the ultimate way to show your support for your team.

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